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University of Maine Cooperative Extension Branding Guide (2021) PDF*

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For more information about University of Maine Division of Marketing and Communications Policies and Procedures Manual and Brand Standards see Policies and Procedures and the Branding Toolbox.

Looking for our UMaine Extension 4-H Branding Guide? Find that in our 4-H Staff Toolkit.

Background What is Branding?

Our name

Presenting a consistent name is the first step toward establishing recognition and brand identity.

Our formal name is University of Maine Cooperative Extension. This name should appear in formal locations, such as stationery, web pages, envelopes, and contracts. We can increase public recognition of our organization through frequent, consistent use of our name.

In written materials, our full formal name is used for the first mention; a shortened  ‘UMaine Extension‘ can be used for the second mention; additional mentions in the same piece can be shortened further to ‘Extension.’

Consistent use helps avoid confusion.

There is no “service.”

“Service” was dropped from our official name in the late 1980s. While we cannot always control how others refer to us, we can control our own use to maximize public understanding.

Avoid referring to our organization as “UMCE.”

This acronym does not mean anything to our external audiences and may confuse the public — it’s alphabet soup. Please change “UMCE” to University of Maine Cooperative Extension in your printed documents, web pages, e-mails (including your signature) and everyday language.

umce with a slash through it

What about the “The”?

Because our official logo is based on the University of Maine logo, the word “The” appears in it. However, when referring to us verbally or in writing, you should say simply “University of Maine Cooperative Extension.”

Logo policy and guidelines

The official University of Maine Cooperative Extension logo should be “prominent and dominant” on all of our materials.

UMaine Extension’s official logo is required on all Extension materials, including but not limited to brochures, flyers, web pages, fact sheets, newsletters, posters, promotional items, and advertisements.

University of Maine Cooperative Extension logo

UMaine Extension’s logo incorporates UMaine’s crest art with our own logotype. The logo must be used in the exact proportions and layout as shown above. The crest and the typewritten words constitute an entire logo; the elements should not be separated. The logo is shown here in the official full-color combination of PMS (Pantone Matching System) 292 UMaine light blue and PMS 289 UMaine dark blue. The logo may also be printed in a single color or in black and white. When the logo is printed in a single color or black, the light blue should not be printed as a tint or grayscale, but as a solid.

Where can I get a copy of the logo?

You can download different versions of the logo from here.

To download on a PC: right-click on any of the links below and choose “Save Target As.” Save the file to a folder on your hard drive where you will be able to easily find it again.

To download on a Mac: right-click and choose “Save Image As” (or “Save Link As”).

If none of the versions above is suitable for your project, please contact the Extension Communications and Marketing Team at and we will send you one that is.

What else do I need to know about the logo?

The University of Maine crest art is trademarked. Products (such as t-shirts or mugs) printed with UMaine licensed names and marks must be produced by licensed vendors and must carry the TM symbol if the products are for resale. It is strongly recommended that items not for resale also be ordered through licensed vendors because of their familiarity with UMaine’s brand standards, access to official art files, and the streamlined proofing process. Unlicensed vendors may be used only with written approval prior to purchase. Contact the UMaine Extension Communications and Marketing Team at to discuss your options for the procurement of promotional items.

Before utilizing new programmatic promotional items in your work, please see Policies & Procedures Manual, Section 4.11, The University of Maine crest art is trademarked. For additional information or any questions not addressed here, contact the Extension Communications and Marketing Team at

Program logos

Copies of University of Maine Cooperative Extension Program Affiliation Logos can be downloaded from our UMaine Extension Program Affiliation Logos page.

Existing partnerships

There are certain programs that are representative of a group of partners. These programs may use appropriate logos that have been approved by all involved. UMaine Extension staff who are involved in such partner programs are encouraged to work with Extension’s Communications and Marketing Team.

Examples of current programs:

Maine Compost School

Maine Compost School is an educational program of University of Maine Cooperative ExtensionMaine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry, Maine Department of Environmental Protection, and Maine State Planning Office.

The Maine Healthy Beaches Program

The Maine Healthy Beaches Program is a partnership of University of Maine Cooperative Extension/Sea Grant, Maine State Planning Office/Coastal Program, Maine Department of Health and Human Services, Maine Departments of Conservation and Environmental Protection, local municipalities, and the beach-going public.

Use of names and logos of for-profit companies and products

Please reference the Policies & Procedures manual, section 4.11.

Branding collaborative web pages

When we host collaborative pages on UMaine Extension’s website and provide staff resources for free, we require that the pages are branded to match UMaine’s site and the URL adheres to UMaine’s domain naming policy, which means it must include “” in the site address. We are happy to prominently include logos and links to all partners, which will be displayed on the right or bottom of the page, or on a separate sponsors’ page, depending on the number of partners and the support they are providing. Please contact the Extension Communications and Marketing Team at for further information.