Educational Technology Licenses Policy

University of Maine Cooperative Extension will support only organizational educational technology licenses (one example is Adobe Connect) in order to:

  • reduce organizational exposure to liability and intellectual property rights issues;
  • ensure quality and support programmatic goals through the appropriate use of technologies;
  • avoid redundancies/encourage collaborations;
  • assist with efficiencies such as cost and server space; and
  • provide consistent branding of University of Maine Cooperative Extension and the products/programs we offer.

Registration Fees and Disposition of Revenue from Online Non-credit Extension Course

Registration Fee

A registration fee will be charged to participants of online non-credit Extension courses. The fee per course will be determined by agreement between the course developer, Extension’s financial office, and the appropriate Program Administrator.

Disposition of Revenue

Revenue generated from registration fees for online non-credit Extension courses will be distributed as follows:

  • 60% will offset the expense of creating the online course, managing course registration, and managing revenue; and
  • 40% will benefit the staff member(s) responsible for developing the online course through credits for future program and staff development related expenses.