Content Management System’s Video, Photo, and Blog Features, Guidelines for Using

Please note: University of Maine Cooperative Extension web office has the authority to review and delete any material on the website without notification if the following guidelines are not met.

All users of the content management system’s video, photo, and blogs features must

  • Adhere to current copyright laws. Use the Copyright Safe Checklist to ensure you are not breaking the law.
  • Provide appropriate recognition/representation of intellectual property. When requesting permission to use someone else’s content, use our form letter. If you use someone else’s resources, be sure the source is credible and you cite them properly.
  • Follow accessibility guidelines as described below.
  • Use University of Maine Cooperative Extension’s branding consistently. See the Branding Guide for more information.


If you would like to have a video posted on our external website you must work with the the Extension communications team ( throughout the process to ensure that proper branding, time/quality, and accessibility guidelines are met.

For guidance on creating an appropriate video for your audience, please visit the Video section on the Educational Technology page. Also, see Video Tip Sheet/Checklist: Preparation and Presentation.


Uploading photos is fairly intuitive in the CMS.

Contact Michelle Snowden at to learn how to upload images and add ALT tags to make images ADA-compliant, as well as “best practices” for choosing appropriate images, getting signed photo releases, etc.


Posting to a blog is fairly intuitive in the CMS.

Contact Michelle Snowden at to learn how to create blog posts, as well as “best practices” for blogging, writing for the web, avoiding copyright infringement, allowing comments, etc.

If you would like to learn more about blogs or other Web 2.0 tools, visit the Educational Technology page.


Visit the Online Learning Modules (Webinars/Online Course Creation) page.