UMaine Extension 2020 “Stay-Cation” Photo Contest Entries

Announcing the Winners!

We are pleased to announce that we had twenty-one entries in the UMaine Extension 2020 Stay-Cation Photo Contest. Photographs were submitted by UMaine Extension staff, statewide, of their favorite stay-cation locations all around the state of Maine. (Google Map of UMaine Extension Stay-Cation Locations)

The judge’s only criterion: “Would this picture make me want to go there on my Maine Stay-Cation?”

Who Judged?

The judge’s top photo choice wins a gift certificate for UMaine Extension merchandise/bling.  Second and Third runners-up will get UMaine Extension mugs.

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Judge’s Top Choices:

(Click on photo to enlarge both photo and caption.)

Other 2020 UMaine Extension Stay-Cation Photo Entries

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Oh, the Places UMaine Extension Staff Have Been!


  • Fran Sulinski is an Assistant Director of Extension who lives in the greater Bangor area.
  • Liz Stanley is a Horticulture CEA, professional photographer/artist, and gardener who lives on the Mid-Coast.
  • Suzanne Madore is a Media professional with Ethos Marketing and a professional photographer who lives in Southern Maine.