GAP Self Audits and Documentation

The Potato Program team at the University of Maine Cooperative Extension provides information on potato and rotation crop production.

This page is for Good Agricultural Practices Information (GAP).

As we are getting familiar with GAP certification, many questions are being raised. We have collected frequently asked questions (FAQ): Frequently Asked Questions (PDF). If you have specific questions, please read the FAQ to see if that question has been raised already.

The forms are downloadable and printable:

  • The GAP certification verifies the farm’s adherence to the Food and Drug Administration’s “Guide to Minimize Microbial Food Safety Hazards for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables.”
  • The most current USDA Good Agricultural Practices & Good Handling Practices Audit Verification Checklist.
    The USDA GAP audit has several parts. All must pass the General Questions and then move onto whichever part or parts are required. Most will have to pass Part 1, Part 2 and Part 4 in addition to the General Questions. You need to know exactly what is required in your situation.
  • This is an overview article adapted from an article that appeared in the March 2007 issue of SPUDLINES 45(1):4-6 GAP informational article (PDF)
  • A contract agreement must be signed before participation in the GAP program: GAP Agreement (PDF)

There are self-audits for each section. If you can’t pass the self-audits, you will likely not pass the actual audit. There are documentation files for each section. Required documentation is detailed. The generic Farm Food Safety Program is designed for Part 1, Part 2, and Part 4, in addition to the General Questions. There is an addendum to the generic Farm Food Safety Program designed for Part 3 (Packing House Facility).

  • General Questions (All must pass this portion): Questions G-1 to G-15
  • Part 1 – Farm Review: Questions 1-1 to 1-25
  • Part 3 – Packing House Facility: Questions 3-1 to 3-31
  • Part 2 – Field Harvest and Field Packing Activities: Questions 2-1 to 2-17
  • Part 4 – Storage and Transportation: Questions 4-1 to 4-21

GAP information