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Session 2 Agenda

Farm X
Date, Time

Goals for Session:

  1. Discuss traits and how to apply what’s been learned
  2. Introduce needs activity and application
  3. Brainstorm for Communication Plan

5 min: Check in, agenda review

25 minutes: Homework Review Traits (from DISC or other inventory)
May we have an update on the DISC?
What are your types?
How are feeling about it as a tool for you?
What concrete ideas/tools did you walk away with or feel you still need?

5 minutes: optional review: Thoughts on Paper exercise

30 minutes: Needs Activity
Identify needs
Identify patterns of weaknesses and challenges
How to make opportunities and/or change behaviors to address these needs healthfully

30 minutes: Brainstorming
Communication Plan for Farmer 1 and Farmer 2; Communication Plan for staff?
Some possible questions:

  • Scaling to meet potential
  • Role defining?
  • Troubleshoot a particular area of the farm?
  • Develop any policies?
  • What to do when there are disagreements?
  • What activities/tools do we want to do with the team?
  • Craft agenda and communication strategy

10 minutes: Homework Ideas: Continue list of what to put in Communication Plan, Complete Who Does What Handout, Read Scaling Up article; draft a flowchart or work plan for the year

15 minutes: Reflection and schedule next session

Session 3 Agenda

Farm X
Date, Time

Goals for Session

  1. Make a draft Communication Plan for the season
  2. Practice Appreciation
  3. How to raise concerns

5 min: Check in, agenda review

10 min: Homework Review: Progress on making a flowchart, or work plan for the year;  feedback from Scaling Up article; review list for Communication Plan

40 min:  Communication Plan is Built in this session: Clarifies the who, what, where, when and how for essential times needing communication to support farm and family. Revisit multiple times during session.

20 minutes: Roles and responsibilities exercise for Draft Communication Plan
Identify 3-5 roles you love/3 roles/responsibilities that are “slogs”: Handout
“Are your responsibilities in alignment with the roles/jobs on the farm you have?”
“How can you adjust the roles and responsibilities to reflect each of your needs and values?”
“What needs to be said? What needs to be agreed upon?”

20 minutes: Plan Update
Explore any changes to the plan as a result of this activity. Are there particular responsibilities and times to clarify expectations/needs or methods for communication? How and when do you tell your team who to ask for what? How and to whom and when do you articulate the standards and expectations for the parts where you have a responsibility?

20 minutes: Appreciation Activity
Giving feedback: appreciation, coaching, evaluation; Handout
Discussion about feedback, skills and comfort with types of feedback
What methods and timing of feedback is/will be helpful for farm?
Appreciation Feedback practice see University of Maine Cooperative Extension bulletin #4801, Why “Thank You” Matters: Expressing Appreciation
I-statements for feedback, see University of Maine Cooperative Extension bulletin #6103, Effective Communication

15 minutes: Plan Update: Any changes to the plan as a result of this activity? How do you use feedback in the communication plan for each other and for your team? What methods? Could plan include how/when to communicate these expectations to staff ?

15 minutes: Raising Concerns
How to raise concerns. What to do when disagreement/or needing time to respond as part of the plan? What to clarify between each other and also with staff?
A look at personal conflict styles. What helps?
Add to Communication Plans for specific times when these moments arise?

10 minutes: Homework Ideas: Refine Communication Plan and add self-care items, articulate the standards and expectations; create a staff manual (policies and expectations)
For Notebook:
Roles/ responsibilities/ I-statements / Feedback handouts

10 minutes: Reflection and schedule next session. Session 4, discuss expectations and wishes.
Session 3 Agenda