Bulletin #4807, Farm Coaching to Support Farm-Team Communication: Session 4

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S4: Washing, Packing, and Marketing

Goal of S4: Finalize planning, review of coaching to present, individualize as needed.

Group check-in.

Review Homework from S3.

Activity: Craft a Holistic Goal (see handout: Create A Holistic Goal (PDF))

Activity: Craft a Communication Plan (If not completed at S3)

Activity: Appreciation and feedback Discuss different types of feedback (evaluation, appreciation, coaching) and see University of Maine Cooperative Extension Bulletin #4808, Appreciation Feedback and Bulletin #4801, Maine Farms: Why Gratitude Matters

  • What are three talents or skills that your spouse/partner (or your parent, child or various members of the team) contributes to the farm, family, and community that you really appreciate?
  • What is the best part of your day?
  • In what ways do others help you on the farm?
  • How can you acknowledge your appreciation for the work and talents of your spouse/partner (or your parent, child, farm)?
  • “I messages.” For example, “I appreciated when you did _________. It matters to me because_______.”
  • What methods and timing is used?
  • Annual evaluation with staff?
  • As needed feedback to address problems/challenges?

Activity: Non-violent Communication Introduction

Activity: S4 SWOC (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Challenges)

  • Revisit the S1 SWOC that was created, and the areas the farmer(s) decided to focus on
  • Coaches acknowledge what they see for S (strengths) of the farmers as a unit, the skills that were learned, and the work that was done. Farmers contribute to this section as well.
  • Pay little attention (if at all) to the W (weaknesses) section.
  • Fill in new collective OC (opportunities and challenges) in response to the question, “After seeing your first SWOC, and experiencing the previous three sessions and all the time in between, what opportunities and challenges do you see moving forward?”
    • Discuss
    • Offer reflection on DISC or Leadership Compass or other inventory and how these might relate to WHO does what as related to challenges.
  • Discussion of supports that are needed moving forward. Who can the farmers call if external help would be useful?

Closing: Reflect on sessions, coaching experience, appreciations for self, other, coaches, farmers.

Send out S4 Notes 5-7 days after S4. Follow up evaluation by phone or email or left with farmer at session.