Small and Home Based Business Program

Maine people have owned and operated micro businesses for centuries.

  • These micro businesses operate out of the home and now have the name “home-based business”.
  • Starting and managing a business takes motivation, desire, and talent. It also takes research and planning.
  • Cooperative Extension provides educational resources to area residents who operate or are thinking about starting a business. We work with business owners at any stage of business life, especially at the “thinking about it” stage.

Business Workshops

Business education workshops provide a wealth of in-depth, research-based information and help you gain useful business management skills including planning, organizing, networking and evaluating. To learn more about upcoming small business workshops being offered in Waldo and other counties, visit our
Small Business Education Calendar.

Online Small Business Library

An Online Small Business Library includes hotlinks for small and home-based business to online resources on topics such as: small business management, business-assist organizations, lending agencies, data centers and demographic information, trade associations, UMaine Extension’s home-based business fact sheets, and more.

Business Management Publications

Over 20 publications, including a nine-part business fact sheet series, are available to business owners. The publications are designed for any business owner from those considering a business to those engaged in business. Publications Catalog.