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Rural Living Day

24th Annual Rural Living Day

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Mt View High School, 577 Mt View Rd (Rt 220),  Thorndike, ME

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Class sizes are limited and fill up FAST!

Pre-registration is REQUIRED
Deadline to register is April 5, 2018 or
until each class fills up – whichever comes first.

We request a donation of $20 for classes and lunch


 .    . 8:30 – 9:00 Registration
Coffee/tea in the cafeteria
 9:00 – 10:30 First Session
10:45 – 12:15 Second Session
12:15 – 1:30 Locally Sourced Lunch
1:45 – 3:45 Third Session

 First Session   9:00 – 10:30 am

1.  Raising Meat Rabbits   with Meg Anderson     Our apologies, this workshop is no longer available

From the selection of breeding stock to harvesting for the freezer, this workshop will cover how to raise this healthy, sustainable protein source. Meg is Unity’s College’s Animal Programs Manager.
2. Living Off-Grid in Maine     with Dave McDaniel & Peter Baldwin

A presentation of two different examples of owner designed and built off-grid homesteads located in Waldo County. Both homesteads feature many innovative ways to lower your carbon footprint and reduce your dependence on burning fossil fuels. Practical, hands on advice with plenty of time for questions.

3. Meet the Natives – Bees, that is!     with Amy Campbell

An introduction to the native bee species of Maine and how and why we should support them in our yards and gardens.  This will include highlighting some of their biology, why we should not be afraid of them stinging, and what plants are great selections to include in your plantings.

4. Grafting and Growing Apple Trees     with Seth Yentes    

Learn how to graft apple trees and care for them in the nursery. We will focus on whip and tongue (bench) grafting and bark grafting, also called top working, to propagate your favorite apple varieties. There will be a demonstration of both grafting techniques.

5. Cocktails from the Garden     with Kate McCarty    This workshop is full and closed

Join Kate McCarty, food writer, as she discusses the history of alcohol in Maine, the craft distilling movement, and home bartending. A UMaine Master Gardener and Master Food Preserver, Kate will share her tips for incorporating homegrown herbs, fruits, and vegetables into drinks you can make at home. She will have copies of her latest book Distilled in Maine: A History of Libations, Temperance and Craft Spirits for sale.

 6. Talk and Taste: Exploring the World of Tea     with Shelly Patten  

Shelly Patten of The Treasured Leaf Tea Company offers an interactive and informative class about tea (Camellia sinensis). Learn about different styles of tea, its intriguing history, growing regions and customs, and taste 5 different styles of tea.

7. Cheese Making Fundamentals     with Eric Rector  

Watch the magic of turning liquid milk into solid cheese and explains how milk + cultures + enzymes + salt can become the hundreds of varieties of cheeses found around the world. You will leave this class with an understanding of how to make a basic cheese out of yogurt, and also how you can approach making more advanced cheese recipes.

 Second Session   10:45 – 12:15

8.  Lyme Time – Preparing for Tick-borne Illnesses Naturally     with Steve Byers

Want to overcome your fear of ticks? Let’s talk about it. In this class Clinical Herbalist, Steve Byers, will outline the up to date research on tick-borne illnesses including Lyme disease. He will discuss key ways to support healthy immune function, use natural methods for keeping ticks away, and summarize the current medical and herbal approaches being used. This class will offer inspiration and confidence to get back to the woods and enjoy life. Steve Byers is a Clinical Herbalist at Herbal Medicine Wellness Clinic in Belfast.

9.  Introduction to Korean Natural Farming     with Aaron Englander

Korean Natural Farming is a holistic, self-reliant approach to farming that has been adapted around the world as a method that increases yields and reduces costs by utilizing readily available resources. We’ll cover an introduction to the philosophy and theory as well as recipes and live demonstrations of creating inputs like water-soluble calcium, fish amino acids, fermented plant juice and a soil inoculant called Indigenous Micro-organism (IMO). Please join us to learn some new techniques that build healthy, live soils and nutrient dense crops and livestock.

 10. Adaptive Gardening     with Ellen Gibson

Have you thought, “I love to garden, but it’s getting harder”. Learn about the Maine AgrAbility program and how to work smarter and conserve energy while avoiding Repetitive work, injury, and arthritis through ergonomics gardening techniques. Presentation will include Show and Tell of tools to make gardening easier on the body and how can you benefit using Universal Design?”

11.  How to Cook Seaweeds     with Frank Giglio

Maine’s coastline is rich in a natural resource – sea vegetables! We’ll help you better understand their benefits and show you delicious ways to incorporate them into your diet.

12.  The Story of Herbs in America     with Betsey-Ann Golon

Join historical herbalist Betsey Ann Golon and learn about the use of herbs throughout history including the influence of the Shaker community as our first herb providers and their continued work.

13.  Sustainably Managing Poultry in Maine     with Anne Lichtenwalner

Learn about risks to poultry health in Maine and successful practices, coop types, ways to enrich your birds’ environment, pasture risks/benefits, and biosecurity.  We will help you create a working biosecurity plan for your farm using Google Earth.  Please bring your questions and your experiences to share during this interactive session.

14.  Attract Wild Birds with Feeders and Bird Houses     with John Twomey    

John Twomey delights the birder in you with a visual display of the different types of bird feeders and discusses which birds are attracted to the various feeds and feeders. Additionally, he’ll discuss bird boxes, with a focus on bluebird boxes, including why they’re important, where and how to place them, and how birds are attracted to different styles.

15.  Foraging & Feasting Close to Home     with Jan Wirth   This workshop is full and closed   

Interested in foraging? Right in your own backyard? Wondering what’s out there to gather and feast on in early April in Maine?  Join us for a discussion of spring edibles including lots of tastings, preparation and preservation methods, and a hands-on demo where you will make a seasonal treat to take home!

16. Extension Programs in Maine    Our apologies, this workshop is no longer available     

Come learn about what more Extension has to offer.  Panelists representing Maine 4-H, Master Gardener and Master Food Preserver will give a short introduction to their programs and have time to answer your questions.

 Third Session   1:45 – 3:45  pm

17.  Ancestral Gut Health     with Steve Byers   This workshop is full and closed

We will take a close look at our gut microbiome, the food we eat, and the way that herbal medicine has influenced gut health throughout time. Where historically food and medicine were often not distinguished, we will look at integrating traditional foods rich in nutrients, as well as local medicinal and mineral rich herbs. Steve Byers is a Clinical Herbalist at Herbal Medicine Wellness Clinic in Belfast.

18.  Got Kimchi?     with Anne Devin

Learn the tips and techniques to make your own delicious and nutritious Korean kimchi!  Loaded with probiotics and anti-oxidants, this Korean staple is credited with a host of health benefits to include improved digestion, weight loss, boosting the immune system and treating diabetes.  This is an interactive class, so be ready to smell, chop, mix and taste your way to a healthier you!

19.  From the Pasture to the Smoker     with Colt Knight

We will explore UMaine’s Pasture Poultry Project illustrating how to raise poultry on pasture. Then, we’ll show you how to prepare and smoke whole chickens, and you’ll have the chance to taste some Colt makes earlier that day.

 20.  Wild Edible Mushrooms: The Season Ahead    with Greg Marley   This workshop is full and closed

Wild mushrooms are beautiful and exciting and wild mushrooms are scary.  The challenge is to learn to tell the difference.  Join mushroom expert and author Greg Marley for a tour of some of Maine’s best edible mushrooms and a few cautionary tales of those we do not want to eat!

21.  Plant Invaders! Problems and Solutions     with Aleta McKeage

A look at invasive plants in Maine, how to identify them, how they affect your land, and what we can do to control them.

 22.  Marketing Your Business Online      with Amanda OBrien

Learn the facets about marketing your business online and how to measure how well it’s working. We’ll help you figure out where to start and talk about your website, using social media for promoting, and analytics.

 23.  Composting with Worms     with Jock Robie           

Get your hands dirty and learn how to build, maintain and harvest a worm bin.  What does it take for worms to thrive? Learn to avoid and remediate common problems including fruit fly infestations, escaping worms, and bad smells. We’ll cover how to manage moisture to optimize conditions for the worms and for harvesting, the benefits of using worm castings as a soil amendment in order to grow healthy plants, and how to make and use aerated worm tea from the castings.  A lottery will be held and ten lucky participants will have the chance to a worm bin (with 200 worms each)!

Proceeds from the event go to help Waldo County Youth attend Tanglewood 4-H camp in Lincolnville