Volunteers to be Honored by Extension Association

The 2012 Washington County Extension Association Annual Meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 10, 2012 at 5:00 p.m. at the Pembroke Elementary School.   

Ann and Bill Sawtelle of Dennysville will receive the Norman W. Duzen Community Service Award.  Ann and Bill have worked tirelessly for many years to create a center of community, based out of the Whiting food pantry. They have raised thousands of dollars to support the Food Pantry where over 350 people in the Whiting, Lubec, Dennysville and Edmunds communities are fed. Under their leadership, the food pantry has developed opportunities for training, education and socialization.


The University of Maine Pen Awards will be presented to Susan Ward of the Pembroke Elementary School for her contributions to the Eat Well Nutrition Program and healthy food choices at the Pembroke Elementary School cafeteria over the past years. Patty Wilbur of Cherryfield will be honored for her many years of support of 4-H club work in her area of the county. Ed Browne of Dennysville will receive a Pen Award for his commitment to the Washington County Senior Companion Program and being a wonderful advocate for the program.


The evening program will feature nutrition displays and presentations by the students of the Pembroke Elementary School.

There will be a potluck supper. Please bring a dish to pass. Please contact the Washington County Extension Office at 255-3345 or 1-800-287-1542 if you have any questions regarding the evening.