4-H Summer of Science STEM Series in Princeton

Six Sessions: Wednesdays, June 28 – August 2, 2017

June 28, July 5, 12, 19, 26 and August 2
Princeton Public Library
2:00 – 3:00 p.m.

This FREE course is open for boys and girls ages 7-10.


Can You Catch the Water

You can’t catch water with a net, and a lot will get through if you try to stop it with your hands — but how about a boulder, or maybe a dam? Engineer a water basin and discover how land forms and water work together. Discover how human impacts might change the flow of water.


Discover a tool used to solve crimes AND support the environment! Chromatography is a way to look at mixtures, solvents, and see them move. This is your chance to do an experiment that discovers which solvent makes the mixture travel the fastest.

Do Ptarmigans Have Snowshoes?

Animals are unknowing engineers — they adapt to their environments over time. Learn about this special bird, the Ptarmigan and engineer a foot to help it walk on top of snow.

I Can’t Take the Pressure

It’s time for some real life Candy Crush! Create a model and discover how altitude, gravity, and other forces can change an object. We’ll use candy and crush cans to make these discoveries.

Language of Engineering Drawings

What is it like to be an engineer? Create a design for a life saver race car, and then practice building another person’s design. Learn how to draw, design, and communicate like an engineer, wrapping up with a race to the finish line with the cars we build.

Sugar Spill

Use sugar and test tubes to dive into this hands-on experiment to discover how sugar can react to create a gas. Participants will test a series of materials to collect the gas. Can you guess what happens next?

Registration is required. Space is limited to 10.

For more information, to register or to request a disability accommodation, contact 207.255.3345 or tara.a.wood@maine.edu.