Woodlot Management – Whitneyville Course Schedule – Winter 2019

Whitneyville, ME- This course is designed for woodlot owners who own 10+ acres of woodland and are interested in
learning about different options they have to actively manage their property (to protect what they
value about the property, and/or make improvements to their woodlot). The class will meet on the
following Tuesday nights from 6 to 8pm at Hillgrove Community Hall, located on Route 1A (red
building with name on it, east side of Main Street). From the intersection of Route 1 and Route 1A
in Jonesboro, heading northeast on Route 1A the Hillgrove Community Hall is located 3.75 miles up
Route 1A on the right. The topics below will be covered. Guest speakers with diverse back grounds
will give presentations, providing the landowner with a number of contacts and resources to pull
from in years to come. This class is FREE but registration is required. This class often fills up quickly
so early registration is recommended to secure your spot. To register call or email Nate Pennell at
207-255-4659 or nate.pennell@myfairpoint.net. If you have specific questions regarding the
course content please contact Steve MacDonald, 207-944-6501 or
steve.macdonald@afmforest.com. This class will be led by Steve MacDonald, a forester with
American Forest Management, and sponsored by American Forest Management and Washington
County Soil and Water Conservation.

February 26th – Advice for Small Woodlot Owners & Wildlife Management
Presenter(s): Tom Doak (Maine Woodland Owners), and Steve MacDonald

March 5th – Non Timber Forest Products
Presenter(s): David Fuller (University of Maine Cooperative Extension)

March 12th – Working with a Forester
Presenter(s): Michael Jensen (District Forester, Maine Forest Service), and Steve MacDonald

March 19th – Forestry Regulations, Best Management Practices to Protect Water Quality, and
The Tree Growth Tax Law
Presenter(s): Michael Jensen (District Forester, Maine Forest Service)

March 26th – Harvesting Operations
Presenter(s): Steve MacDonald

Note: This schedule could change due to inclement weather and guest speaker availability.