4-H Science Fridays at UMaine Machias

Join 4-H Youth Professional, Gabby Brodek, and special guests at 4-H Science Fridays at UMM for more fun science activities throughout the 2024 year! Gabby will be hosting a 4-H Science Friday one Friday a month from February to October so youth can get familiar with the University of Maine at Machias campus, explore cool science topics and skills and spend time outside.

On the 4th Friday* of each month Washington County 4-H will host an hour and a half program on the University of Maine at Machias campus where youth will explore a science topic. These programs are free and are targeted towards youth ages 9-14. 

*3rd Friday in June and August

4-H Science Fridays are currently filled to capacity until May. Registration for June and after will open in the future. Please reach out to Gabby Brodek at gabrielle.brodek@maine.edu for more information. 


Ice Cores – February 23, 2024, 3-4:30pm

Location: Science Building, 116 O’Brien Ave, Machias

Join Gabby Brodek and special guest Daniel Dixon, ice core drilling specialist from the University of Maine, to explore what information ice cores are able to tell us about environmental conditions from the past by investigating your own ice core model! Dan has been on more than 10 ice core expeditions, helped develop the Ice Core Drill for the Everest Expedition and is the Director of Sustainability at UMaine!

Geared towards youth ages 9-14 and is limited to 12 participants.


Eclipse Investigations – March 22, 2024, 3-4:30pm

Location: Science Building, 116 O’Brien Ave, Machias

On April 8th, Maine will experience a full solar eclipse, a once in a lifetime experience for us in Maine! Join us in preparing for this magical day by making pin-hole cameras to safely view the eclipse and exploring what happens to our local climates during totality. 

Geared towards youth ages 9-14 and is limited to 10 participants.


To Be Determined (TBD) – April 26, 2024, 3-4:30pm


Vernal Pools – May 24, 2024, 3-4:30pm

Location: Science Building, 116 O’Brien Ave, Machias

Join us in exploring one of the most spectacular signs of spring…vernal pools! Seasonal spring pools are essential for the wellness of many critters and the forest ecosystem, but as the name implies, they are not here for long. 

Geared towards youth ages 9-14 and is limited to 10 participants.


To Be Determined  – *June 21, 2024, 3-4:30pm


To Be Determined – July 26, 2024, 3-4:30pm


Blueberries – *August 16, 2024, 3-4:30pm


Apples – September 27, 2024, 3-4:30pm


To Be Determined – October 25, 2024, 3-4:30pm



4-H Science Fridays at UMaine Machias

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