Intermediate Beekeeping Course

There are no classes scheduled at this time.  Please leave your name and contact information with for notification of future class dates.

intermediate beekeeping course in session
Photo by Scott Bauer

The six-week Intermediate Beekeeping course is intended for the beekeeper with at least a season or two of keeping bees. This course covers fewer topics more deeply than the Beginner’s class and concentrates on keeping bees successfully in this area.

There will be a private Facebook group for the class to expand on discussions started in class, and for the instructor to post additional articles and video links, etc.

Course Schedule

Week 1:

  • Where do bees come from?
  • Complete hives
  • Packages
  • Nucs
  • Swarms
  • Queens

Week 2:

  • Hive organization
  • Hive decision making
  • Resources for learning about bees

Week 3:

  • Swarms
  • Swarm catching
  • Swarm prevention

Week 4:

  • Making nucs
  • Hive types
  • Queen issues

Week 5:

  • Healthy bees
  • IPM
  • Identifying pests and diseases
  • Treating pests and diseases
  • “Treatment free” options — genetics
  • Consequences of pesticide exposure

Week 6:

  • Apiary siting
  • Bee forage
  • Good neighbor policies
  • Selling products

If you are a person with a disability and need an accommodation to participate in this program, please call Tara Wood at 207.255.3345 or 1.800.287.1542 (in Maine) to discuss your needs. Receiving requests for accommodations at least 10 days before the program provides a reasonable amount of time to meet the request, however, all requests will be considered.