Washington County 4-H Camp in a Box Registration Form

Washington County 4-H Camp in a Box Registration

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  • 4-H Boxes

    Please select your first, second and third choices below. Boxes include:

    All About Water | Backyard Birding | Family Fishing | Family Gardening | Tracking Wildlife

  • 4-H Camp in a Box Sessions

    Please select your first and second choices below. Boxes will be signed out for a week at a time. Boxes can be signed out on these dates:

    Session 1: June 25-July 1 | Session 2: July 9-16 | Session 3: July 23-30 | Session 4: August 6-13

  • 4-H Camp in a Box Expectations

    1. Adult supervision is required for all 4-H at-home activities

    2. Be respectful and participate fully in the program

    3. Treat the materials and kits with respect and be prepared to return them to the designated drop off location

    4. Abide by all UMaine and State/Federal safety guidelines (this may include some restrictions due to COVID-19)

    5. Submit photo/video documentation of your participation in this event

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