WCEA Annual Meeting Minutes, May 2023

WCEA meeting minutes 5/20/23

WCEA Executive Committee members present – Kyle Winslow, President; Nicholas McDonald, Vice President; Eric Jones, Treasurer; Ed Latham, Secretary; Leslie Monroy;

Robin Pinto (new member)

Extension staff present – Jen Lobley, Tara Wood, Vanessa Young, Gabby Brodek, Deb Gardner, Lisa Phelps, Jason Bolton


Introduction: Kyle Winslow

Welcome and introduced WCEA Executive Committee members and Washington County Cooperative Extension Staff.


Dr. Jason Bolton

Dr. Bolton, Associate Dean of UMaone Cooperative Extension and Area Coordinator of the Innovation Program, University of Maine Business School shared a few words about Cooperative Extension.


Welcome new WCEA Executive Committee Members: Kyle Winslow

Welcomed Robin Pinto of Roque Bluffs to the Executive Committee.


Voting on WCEA officers: Kyle Winslow .

The following slate of officers were presented to the public and received unanimous voting support:

President: Nicholas MacDonnald

Vice President: Kyle Winslow

Secretary: Ed Latham

Treasurer: Eric Jones


Presentation of Budget: Eric Jones

The annual budget was presented and it was unanimously approved by those present.


Change to Bylaws: Kyle Winslow

Public unanimously voted to adopt a change to bylaw Article VI, Section 5 to read:

“Article VI, Section 5. Members of the Executive Committee may be removed from the committee for cause by a % majority vote of the Executive Committee.”


University of Maine Pen Award: Kyle Winslow, Sen. Marrianne Moore

Jen Plaut, 4-H volunteer and Cobscook Currents 4-H Club leader was recognized for her contributions to Washington County Cooperative Extension.


Norman W. Duzen Community Service Award: Kyle Winslow, Sen. Marianne Moore

David Dowley was recognized for receiving the 2023 Norman W. Duzen Community Service Award.