WCEA meeting minutes 10/17/2023

Present – Kyle Winslow, Nicholas McDonald, Eric Jones, Ed Latham, Jen Lobley, Gabby Brodek, Jason Bolton, Deb Gardner, Lisa Hanscom  


Secretary’s Report – Kyle moved, Eric seconded, unanimously approved

Treasurer’s Report – Ed moved, Kyle seconded, unanimously approved

Staff reports 

  • Kyle shared it was nice to see spin club starting up in Harrington Library (Gabby)
  • Volunteer Management Micro-Credentials – scope of what the program looks like
  • Eric offered suggestion for developing some way of bringing back a club on coffee brewing. Need access to a kitchen, maybe Machias High School’s facilities might be available? Maybe our programs like FNET could support those efforts? Another tie in is in highlighting cultural diversity in food traditions. These ideas might increase student engagement with 4 H programs and the public.  
  • Jason shared his program on invasive species is starting up and offered invitation for more kids to join 10/21/2023 10am Center for Ecological Teaching and Learning in Edmunds


Deb Gardner – Master Gardener CEA for Washington County. Set up to support existing master gardeners (approximately 10-15). Another focus is on developing greenhouse and other local growing spaces. 

County Budget Hearing – Nicholas has attended ⅔ of the meetings. Kyle and Gabby attended the latest one. Not a whole lot of discussion of our program at the meetings. One more meeting left on November 9th. Nicholas plans on attending.

Ideas for Program Highlights/Guest invites

  • Thinking we would invite the two public gardens (Machias and Milbridge) to hear more about those efforts.

Marketing Efforts: 

Discussion around making subcommittee to work on ideas to … 

  • Educationally promote the extension, programs and association for the public use and involvement. 
  • Thank volunteers for their efforts and bring out the impacts of our programs.
  • Efforts to recruit volunteers. 

Schedule for Meetings – 

For rest of this calendar year Tuesday Nov 21st, skip December. 

Starting in January, the 4th Thursday of each month. 

Zoom for November to March then look at in person meetings.