WCEA Meeting Minutes – April 2022

WCEA meeting minutes 4/19/2022

Present: Kyle Winslow,, Jen Lobley, Ed Latham, Brittany Foster, Bob Simpson, Leslie Monroy, Lisa Seeley,


Approval of February meeting minutes – moved by Kyle, seconded by Bob , unanimously approved


Treasurer’s Report:

Review of Balance sheet and Operating Statement


Approval – motioned by Ed, seconded by Lisa, unanimously approved


Staff Reports:

Question about the summer camps and how they are looking for this year. Brittany shared 4 week season for camps, no day camp, ages 7-14, 10 spots per camp, capacity of 40 kids per week for 4 weeks

May we have camp staff check in with us during a meeting to get updates? Hope would be to help spread information in our communities.


Committee member recruitment

  • Lisa Hanscom –  Jen will follow up with her to gauge her availability
  • Nick McDonald (Jonesboro, 4H volunteer) possible, but Bob and Lisa are following up with him to gauge his availability
  • Sarah Cote from Downeast Lakes Land Trust (outdoor stuff with kids) 207-796-2100 Brittany will follow up with her to gauge her interest.
  • April from Indian Township works with Wabanaki Public Health
  • Migwan (?)  Kyle will follow up with her to gauge her interest
  • Steven Taylor – featured in Agrability Program Jen will follow up with him to gauge his interest.
  • Check with Fisheries for possible suggestions. Kyle will reach out to Chris potentially to see if there are good catches in the Fisheries area
  • Lacie Glidden – raises Sheep, dad is game warden, wool business, home school. Bob will follow up with her to gauge her interest


Report back to Kyle if we have anyone interested in joining us to visit for our next meeting to see what our group is about. 


Norman W Duzen Award:

One full application – The write up was good and the nominated fit the award well. Winner is Richard and Elsie Larson

Need to consider ways we might increase number of applicants as we know there are many wonderful volunteer efforts out there.


End of year meeting

  • Colleen Maker possible Pen Award? Jen will look back to see if we have others that served a full term that might be eligible for a Pen Award.
  • Kyle, Tara and Jen may review the script for end of year meeting
  • Deb Gardener retiring from her work with Senior Companions – desire to put some slides together to celebrate her contributions.


UMM move update:

Met with maintenance director to get tour and discussed changes

July 1st timeframe still is what they are looking at but there are doubts it will be all set

Can’t add ramp to front main door because of historic regulations so entry will be through the garage entrance. 

Maybe a camera or door bell to know when people are coming and going 

Bathroom being renovated for ADA compliance

Furniture shuffling will need to be thought about. Majority of what is there will stay put if we want it. We still have some furniture in current set up that will want to go over as well. 

Open House options should be discussed as there are many potential benefits.

Discussed potential staff that would be occupying the new space.

Public announcement waiting until UMM is ready. Jen will check with marketing director to see if we might be able to bring something up at the annual meeting.


One Tomato:

Great idea but will need to hold off until next year. Move to UMM is taking up much of the time we would need to set up One Tomato



Kyle and Jen went (virtually) to Statewide presidents meeting: Good turnout and conversations with many common questions.