WCEA Meeting Minutes -February 2024

WCEA meeting minutes 2/22/2024 

Present – Kyle Winslow, Nicholas MacDonald, Jen Lobley, Robin Pinto, Gabby Brodek, Jason Palomo, Lisa Hanscom, Rachel White

Secretary’s Report – Kyle moved, Robin seconded, unanimously approved (Gabby isn’t sure these names are correct in the motion and second)

Treasurer’s Report – Robin moved, Kyle seconded, unanimously approved to table report to next meeting when Eric is present.

Annual meeting subcommittee – still waiting to hear from everyone on the doodle poll, someone to lead the committee. 

  • Tara is getting press release out “Nominations sought for Norman W. Duzen community service award.” She sent letters to last year’s folks who were nominated and not granted the award to see if they would like to renominate these individuals.

Committee membership update – This spring, Kyle and Eric will have served two full terms (6 years!) and will be leaving us. 

  • Bring names of who you may think would be a good fit and would be interested to next month’s (March) meeting. 
  • In March we will discuss and identify who will reach out/invite them to the recruitment and annual meeting. Jen will send out the ongoing chart of possibilities to the committee in the meantime.
  • We will need to replace the Vice President and Treasurer positions (usually someone who has already been serving on the committee). May be a good time to relieve Ed of his role.

Guest speaker next month – Regina Grabrovac from Healthy Acadia; April – Pam from Milbridge Women’s Health. Can Deb join these meetings?

Program summaries

  • The National Extension Conference on Volunteerism will be held in Portland in 2025 – big deal! Bringing in about 300 faculty and professionals to ME. At Holiday Inn at the Bay.
  • Rachel’s producer survey – any thoughts or ideas regarding open-ended questions? Blueberries are categorized on their own.
    • Lots of growth coming out of the Diagnostic Lab on the UMaine Orono campus
  • Upstairs update: still no answer. Tara has met with Hannah Carter (Dean of Extension), Hannah is supposed to meet next week with Ryan Ward (facilities Director) about the plan.
  • Still no phone lines for the first floor temporary offices
  • Still in the hiring process for 4-H Community Education Assistant – we will need a space for them
  • Nicholas is willing to chat with facilities on UMM campus if needed 

Kyle Question: Is Extension involved in the National Heritage Area? Washington and Hancock County was designated as a National Heritage Area about a year ago. Could be some federal funding available to support heritage (blueberries/agriculture, fishing, cultural, historic, social). Link for more information. This could look like programs for youth around blueberry harvest or Margaretta history. Is it important for Extension to be a part of this conversation? Maybe Chris from the Sunrise Economic Council could present to us about it (at these meetings or even at the office)?