WCEA Meeting Minutes – January 2023

January 10, 2023

Present: Kyle Winslow, Jen Lobley, Ed Latham, Eric Jones, Lisa Hanscom, Nicholas MacDonald, Juana Rodriguez – Vazquez, Gabby Brodek, Heidi Hinkley,


Approval of Meeting minutes – moved by Eric  , seconded by Kyle , unanimously approved


Treasurer’s Report: Not available

CD change over was quick and painless


4-H Program Highlight– Mano En Mano, Juana Rodriquez, Executive Director

Supports immigrants and farm workers all over Maine centered in Milbridge

Migrant education programs

Direct services

Community Development

Worker Advocation and social justice

Housing support

Around 400 local community members and during harvest up to 2,000 people


Staff Reports

Maine Coast Heritage Trust is looking at expanding education opportunities. 



Bob Simpson has resigned from committee (see attachment)

Attachment – Discussion https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xEI_-A157Kd7NgPRuLfOrExWbnYxt934/view?usp=sharing

Attachment – Resignation


No wiggle room available on the signing the non Discrimination policy from University of Maine system. 

Link to current bylaws:


Proposed changes that came out from conversations recently:

Board members can be removed by a majority vote with or without cause. Concerns with the “without cause” was voiced.

Have materials ready when volunteers join the group with signature required that indicates they read and agree with the contents.

Next meeting we will discuss wording of changes


Open House- Sub-Committee Update

Outreach with university resulted in proposed date of May 20th  10am to 1pm is ballpark time

Food, maybe tables of information and program highlights, and then meeting

Next meeting hopeful to have some economic projections and discussion about invitations needed


Update on EFNEP Position

We have the position filled by Karen Corbet -January 3oth expected start date


Building Update

Looking at progress report on ramp

Need to verify downstairs bathroom is accessible

Maintenance of building on regular basis still getting established


Committee Member Recruitment

Kyle will share editable brainstorming list


For February, members try to brainstorm names of who might be good targets to reach out to. 

March we try to narrow down a couple of names each to reach out to individuals with recruit pitch

Invite to April session so they can see what our work is like

In May, if people wish, they get brought on board at annual meeting

Next month more focus on process


Future Program Highlight Ideas/Suggestions

Gabby suggested GRMI’s program would be great to hear more about

If anyone has suggestions please email Kyle