WCEA Meeting Minutes- May 2021

WCEA May meeting
18 May 2021

Present: Kyle Winslow, Jen Lobley, Eric Jones (scribe), Bob Simpson, Brittany Foster, Kate Yerxa, Lisa Phelps, Ed Latham, Heidi Hinkley

Approval of minutes of previous meetings:
Moved to approve – Bob, seconded – Eric
Approved unanimously

Treasurer’s report:
Bob informed us of expenses using the technology funds and other expenses dealt with since last meeting.
Bob then covered the balance sheet for the committee, describing the nature of the funds recorded there Eric moved to approve treasurer’s report, approved unanimously Kyle moved that we renew the CD for another 6 months, unanimously approved

Greetings to Kate, visiting new extension employee

Staff reports:
Kyle asked about microcredentials for 4H volunteers – UM is using microcredentials and cooperative extension wants to use them relative to skills that
volunteers build in their work with extension at 3 levels. A plan has been drafted, waiting on feedback from staff and volunteers prior to implementation.

EFNEP update:
Reporting for Alex (on vacation) Kate filled us in – Rita’s staff report contains the activities that have occurred since the last meeting. It was noted that Rita has done a
wonderful job with regard to outreach to the underserved in WA county. Given Rita’s imminent departure, Kate updated us on the questions EFNEP faces going forward.
EFNEP has 4 positions open. At present they are trying to determine how to focus searches for new positions. It’s a matter of matching the needs of the county to
what EFNEP does going forward. The question was posed, what should be the focus of EFNEP going forward.
Kyle asked what the impact of EFNEP in WA county compared to those activities in other counties. Historically, youth participation in WA county has generally been
high. Rita did a great job getting adults involved. The success of the program focuses more on whether needs are met than the number of people served by the program. By those estimates, EFNEP meets the needs in WA county.
There are communications being prepared for community partners to inform them of Rita’s departure. EFNEP trains paraprofessionals and a lot of that training
needs to be done in person for best effect. Therefore, EFNEP isn’t rushing to hire someone to replace Rita. Kate is reaching out to neighboring counties to see what
needs there are in order to identify how to target hiring to fill those positions. Jen mentioned that it is difficult for one person to cover more than one county at a time, esp.WA county. There is a need for someone in WA county, especially with respect to keeping momentum in programming.
Kate mentioned that there is a way to pay for postage funding up front rather than through reimbursement or to file for reimbursement quarterly. We’ll need to check
what would be most useful for Tara.

Annual meeting update:
We only have the Norm Duzen award to present this year. Tara has heard from the award winner so we’ll be able to present it to the winner.

2022 proposed budget 
No funds to insurance since there’s no need. Program support has decreased.
Secretarial salaries have increased. Supplies and equipment has gone down. The University has not asked for payment for phone use (despite us asking to pay it), so it
was not budgeted for. The total amount for the budget comes to the same as previous years. Bob reports that the county commissioners expect a tough budget year this year, based on attending the county commissioner’s meeting.

Technology funds may include a new computer for Deb Gardner. We may want to consider purchasing a copier/printer rather than paying a lease and per copy fee for
the printer/copier used in the office right now. Ed mentioned that paying for toner is an expense that we’d need to consider if that’s the path forward.
Ed noted that there is nothing in the proposed budget which appears to be unnecessary. Jen confirmed that it is a bare bones budget. Kyle points out the things
that have been dropped from the last proposed budget show that we’re making every effort to meet the needs of the program without asking for more than we absolutely need.
Kyle moved to approve the proposed 2022 budget, Eric seconded, approved unanimously.

Officer elections
We will be losing Dannie, our secretary. Eric has been serving as secretary in addition to serving as VP. Kyle can serve one more year as president, he is willing to
serve another year. Bob has agreed to continue to serve as treasurer. Eric has agreed to continue to serve as secretary. That means we have to fill the secretary role. Kyle
will offer the position to the other board members, but we need to determine this in the coming weeks.

Door prizes for annual meeting
See email from Kyle about this (recent). Kyle will inquire about a gift certificate from Helen’s to fill the bill.
Jen and Kyle will share the script and Eric will prepare to stand in for Kyle if need be.

WUMM station update
Computer issues have kept us from being able to record a PSA about the annual meeting. Eric will continue to work on this.

Eric needs to check in with Inez within the next two weeks. Brian, who Jen reached out to will not be able to join because he’s moving out of the state. Jen has a
lead on a possible member, but they don’t live in the county. Kyle spoke with Meghan Peterson and she’s excited but hasn’t reached out to Kyle. No updates from other
members re. potential new members. Bob asked if we have to add new members at other times of year and/or recruit year-around.
The question was raised about allowing non-WA county residents to serve on the board. Some discussion has occurred by email. Concerns include the function of the
board since we deal with county appropriated funds. Is it permissible for a board member to be a voting member of the board when they can’t serve as a voting member
of cooperative extension. Bob reports that at least one county commissioner is not in favor of having non-residents serving on the board. Jen reports that we’ve lost 3 board members to having moved out of the county in recent years. The question was asked how we might accommodate those individuals who are not WA county residents but who are involved with programming in WA county. The suggestion was made to create one or more at large positions (non-voting) to serve as a part of the executive board.
The input from these people is very important to the work of extension. Brittany suggested that we invite people from outside of cooperative extension to share their
programs with the board and have some discussion about their programs and synergistic activities. Roots in Millbridge is a collaborative that we might do well to
share our work with. Ed suggested that we reach out to them. We will take up the matter in the future again.

All other changes to bylaws have been decided by email prior to this meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 7:50