WCEA Meeting Minutes- October 2022

WCEA meeting minutes 10/11/2022

Present: Kyle Winslow,, Ed Latham,, Leslie Monroy, Gabby Brodek, Lisa Hanscom, Tara Wood,  Lisa Phelps, Eric Jones


Approval of Meeting minutes – moved by Lisa , seconded by Leslie , unanimously approved


Treasurer’s Report:

Review of Balance sheet and Operating Statement

Approval – motioned by Ed  , seconded by Lisa  , unanimously approved


Budget Update: 

We sent budget to county a couple weeks ago. We shared a letter outlining our budget request. Tara issued check to Betsy to cover the remainder of rent to previous office space. The thought is that they will be discussing the budget sometime soon. 21% increase to county budget this year. 


Open House Update: 

After discussion with staff, it is best to hold off on an open house for awhile. A spring open house makes more sense. Planning meeting in November to start planning. 


Campus Updates:

New dean and head of campus, Meagan Walsh in January.  


Community Program Highlight Guest:

Mano en Mano in November meeting with Juana Rodriguez. Non profit that serves migrant workers statewide. Helps network to resources, information, and events for the families throughout the year. Recently running out of staffing housing, wondering if UMM might have resources or space that might help. 


Tour of the O’Brien House:

People present went on tour together of O’Brien House.