WCEA Meeting Minutes – October 2021

WCEA Meeting Minutes- October 19, 2021

Present: Eric Jones, Kyle Winslow, Bob Simpson, Lisa Seeley, Lisa Phelps, Jen Lobley, Ed Latham, Leslie Monroy, Heidi Hinkley

Approval of September meeting minutes – moved by Robert , seconded by Eric   , unanimously approved

Treasure’s ReportReview of Balance sheet and Operating Statement

Approval – motioned by Eric , seconded by  Kyle  , unanimously approved


Old News

Quick introductions for newer members


Staff Reports:

No discussion on report shared by Brittany in email pre meeting.


Extension Program Highlights:

Brief overview for new members of what the highlights part of the meeting normally is.

Jen is working on lining up volunteers for highlights next meeting (Marjorie Peronto)


Continued conversation collaborations with others:

Programs come in with something similar to Extension Highlights? 

How can we help build collaborations through this inclusion?

Make sure there is purpose and intentionality for each invitation

Possibly start with Leslie and Mano en Mano sharing/talking with us?


Exploration of office space at UMM:

Continuing conversation that was truncated from last meeting.

Senate Hall space at UMM? What other spaces might work on campus?

If 911 moves to the law office, does that open up options or encouragement for us to move out?


UMM Updates (Eric):

Regional Campus still working on getting time for discussions and questions

Working on cross collaboration offerings with other UMaine systems

Unified Accrediting looks to be coming down the line starting now extending for a couple more years.

Faculty workloads with committees a challenge with many faculty engaged in many areas


Branding  – 

Concerns about losing identity with everyone becoming UMaine …..at Machias.

Dan Demerit (working of the branding) shared image/color/branding consistency draws more applications during recruitment. Working on maintaining sense of identity vs being absorbed by the bigger system. 

Discussion on community perspectives on the change. 

Keeping core values. 

UMaine committing to Machias.


New Business

University / COVID updates:

Open full time till 4:30pm

Mask mandate at least till end of October for any inside operations


Orientation for new committee members: Moved to beginning of next meeting