Master Gardener Class – March 13, 2018 – Postponed

NOTE: Our regular classroom upstairs will not be available for us on Tuesday, therefore please look for class on the floor below in the Sanford Adult Education Office. We will have signs posted.

Hi All,

I am typing in the comfort of my basement office as the snow drives down hard and you are hopefully all safe at home. In my haste to cancel today’s class I erroneously reported that next week’s class will be on Tree Fruit. Not True. Next week’s class will be on volunteering in the Master Gardener program and Sue and I will cover all of our major volunteer programs.

With your take home review due March 20 I will go light on your homework this week.


Volunteerism: Review this section of your Volunteerism Chapter:


and don’t forget…….

Open Book Review 1 — Due in Class on March 20. Note: You may work together in study groups on the review if you like and use all of your MG resources.