Master Gardener Class – March 18

Hi All,

Well our first MG Zoom Virtual Class went really well all things considered. I was really pleased to see that everyone was able to make the switch and I sensed an appreciation for being together, even if it was only virtually.  We will be adapting this technology and others as we move forward. Thanks for being willing to engage in a way no one was expecting.

Large File Sharing will be done using Box. You will get an invite to the Box Master Gardener folder online. All the PowerPoints and other large files will be there. I will continue to use these post updates for upcoming class info.

Here is a link to Box – where you will find last week’s Small Fruit and Food Safety in the Garden presentations, as well as two for this coming week: Pesticide Use and Safety, and Bonide Colorado Potato Beetle Beater Label. If you have any issues with Box please contact Sue Tkacik who will be our go to person for helping people get access. You may have to search your SPAM folder for an invite to Box.

For continuing MGs who wish to join us online for class, please contact Sue and she will share the Zoom Calendar link for the class and add you to the Box folder so you can also view the Presentations.


Please review the Pesticide Safety chapter of your manual, including the YardScaping section.