Master Gardener Class May 6

Coming into the home stretch!  You all are troopers, dealing with a 3.5 hour class on Zoom!

Our next class is:  Gardening with Native Plants with Heather McCargo, Executive Director Wild Seed Project.  Using Newcombe’s Wildflower Guide and Forest Trees of Maine, Frank Wertheim

The chapter on Plants for Maine Landscape is pretty extensive, but the amount of reference information is worth the time.  Please review this publication: then be familiar with all that is in the chapter.

Heather McCargo is requesting that you take some time to explore the Wild Seed Project Website – read some blogs.  Being familiar with the site will make her presentation easier.

Frank requests that you review the roman numeral pages and up to page 14 of Newcomb’s Wildflowers .  Review the first 20 pages of the Forest Trees of Maine.

Reminder to get your Take Home Review #2 submitted, if not done already.