Master Gardener Class – March 11

Hi All,

Well the world has certainly changed for us in the past week with more to come. As an MG Community we all have to support each other with, as our Extension Dean and Director, Hannah Carter, wrote yesterday: Real Facts, Clean Hands and Open Hearts.

I think everyone in the current class has received the message that we will not have in person class this week but will switch to the online Zoom format. Yesterday we oriented 7 of you to Zoom so those who haven’t should log on Monday and test the system by clicking on the link I sent you. Someone from our office, either me or our Administrative Assistant will try and keep the Zoom connection live all day Monday.

Have your slide set ready from Small Fruits that was handed out last week. David Handley will cover Small Fruits Part II and Food Safety in the Garden. The Zoom format works well and I think you will all have a positive experience. We will evaluate it after Wednesdays class to assess if this is a satisfactory format during these “social distancing” times.

Reading Homework:

Please Review these three videos related to growing grapes in Maine:

And this one related to Food Safety in the Home Garden

Review these fact sheets:

Take Home Review Update

Due to the disruption of not having class, I’d like to ask those of you who can send me your review as an email attachment and if you have trouble with that option to please mail it to our office: Due Date is March 18 (postmarked by then is fine).

UMaine Extension, York County Office, 15 Oak St., Suite 302, Springvale, ME 04083

You are also welcome, of course, to drop it off at the office. We are open regular hours and their is hand sanitizer on the counter.