Master Gardener Class – April 15

Thank you all for hanging in there on Zoom with the classes. I know it is harder than in person and that we are all going through a rough patch. It is really nice to stay connected and be able to continue learning as best we can. We certainly understand that we need to be flexible for everyone. We continue to build our library of former classes. If there is a class any of you are missing please contact Sue and she can see if she can send you a link to a particular session, even if it took place in another county.

This week will be short topics day covering Raised Beds and Season Extension, Weed Management and Identification Conserving Water with Rain Barrels and Drip Irrigation.

Review these weed-related web pages:

Review these Raised Bed Gardening Resources

Take-Home Review # 2

Due to Frank or Sue via mail or email on May 6. We will be flexible with that if needed just please let us know.

I am working hard to finish your take-home 1. Here is the link to please start working on the new take-home. It will be due in three weeks. Try not to let it wait if you can because a third one will come near the end of class. Sue and I do understand extenuating circumstances and we will do what we can to be sure you are successful.

Take Home Review # 2 (Word), UMaine Extension

Take Home Review # 2 (PDF), UMaine Extension