Dog Photo Contest Judging Rubric

For more information on how the photos will be judged, please see the Judging Rubric. This rubric will be used for the state and northeast regional photo contests.

4-H Philosophy of Judging

There are three major purposes of judging: 

  • To evaluate the quality of a project
  • To contribute to the learning experience of the 4-H member
  • To promote positive youth development 

THE DANISH SYSTEM emphasizes individual achievement rather than competition. This means that there can be many blue, red, or white ribbons. Awards are determined by individual achievement of each member, not in relation to entries of other members.

The Standard System is used when each exhibit is judged against others in its category. Awards are given based on the best, second place, third place, and so on in the category. 

The Dual Merit System Using this system, each exhibit will be judged by BOTH the Danish System AND the Standard System. Each entry will be awarded a blue, red, or white ribbon as in the Danish system, and the top entries in each category will be selected for the NE Regional competition.

The development of young people is our first consideration in 4-H work. Judging should be an enjoyable learning experience, stimulating the 4-H member to greater achievement and personal development.