Dog Photo Contest Photo Classes

Photo Classes

1) My Dog and Me Class

  • Take a photo of you and your dog together. You must take the photo.
  • Lot a) Selfie: For cell phone photos
  • Lot b) Advanced: For cameras, tripods, timers and other techniques and equipment more advanced than your average cell phone

2) Classic Art Class

  • Take a photo of your dog (photo may include you, other dogs, or other people), to recreate famous works of art.
  • Your dog must be included in the shot.
  • You must take the photo.
  • For an example of a photo for the Classic Art class, see this article from YAHOO! about a Getty Museum photo contest.

3) Costume class 

  • Design a fun (yet safe) costume for you and your dog. Take a photo of you in action.
Dog in a Superman Costume
photo credit; Elias Castillo“Superman Costume” Photo Credit: Elias Castillo

4) Breed Traits Class

Dog jumping over a bar
Photo Credit: Kyle NormanPhoto Credit: Kyle Norman
Team of dogs pulling a sled over snow.
Photo credit: Leo Mengoli“Training Dogsledding” Photo credit; Leo Mengoli

5) Trick Dog Class

  • Show off your dog’s best trick. 
Small dog shaking a person's hand.
Photo credit: Brooklynn JohnsonPhoto credit: Brooklynn Johnson