STEM Ambassador Training – Old

4-H STEM Ambassador in classroom with kidsBefore we send a STEM Ambassador to work with youth, we have them complete a training program that ensures they understand how to work with youth, how to facilitate inquiry-based STEM activities, and how to keep youth safe.

There are two parts to the training. First, STEM Ambassadors need to watch the short videos below. Second, an in-person hands-on training (2.5 – 3 hours in length) will be arranged. Once these two training components are complete, STEM Ambassadors will be ready to facilitate STEM activities with youth!

To arrange an in-person training contact Sarah Sparks or Laura Wilson.

In-person dates: Spring 2020 4-H STEM Ambassador Trainings.

Training Videos and Guides

(Video links point to University of Illinois 4-H SPIN Club Volunteer YouTube Trainings, except where noted.)

Essential Elements (BIG-M)

Positive Youth Development (PYD)

Ages & Stages

Keeping Youth Safe