Maine 4-H State Youth Council

The Maine 4-H Teen Council of appointed 4-H members, has a mission statement based on the acronym “L.E.A.D.S.”:

  • L: lead the Maine 4-H Teen Conference
  • E: educate others about teen issues
  • A: act as an advisory committee to the State 4-H Office
  • D: develop communication between county and state
  • S: serve as a role model to all

Teen Council meets as often as the Council members feel they need to meet. Typically they meet monthly except in July and August. The Council is guided by the Maine 4-H Teen Council By-Laws.

Membership on the Maine 4-H Teen Council is guided by the following:

  • Teen Council members should be enrolled 4-H members at least 12 years old but not older than 18.
  • Each county may appoint no more than one representative to serve on the Council. It is left to the county to decide how to make their appointment. However, the appointment should be one of high honor to your appointee. The member does not have to live in your county, however they should be actively enrolled in your county.
  • In addition to county-appointed Council members, 4-H Ambassadors (members who have attended National 4-H Conference), automatically serve as members of the Council.