Help with Budgeting for an Internship

Introduction: The information provided below will help you budget and plan for an undergraduate intern to help support a project/program or research project.

Work Hour Limits:

  1. 20 hours per week during the academic year (Sep – Dec; Jan – May)
  2. 40 hours per week during the summer (May – Aug)
    1. Please note: If the student is taking a class during the summer beyond an internship class, you will need to know what that University’s classification for full or part-time enrollment for the summer is. If the student is considered at full-time summer enrollment (in most cases this is two summer classes), then you will be restricted to the 20 hours per week like a normal academic year. (The exception being if one of those classes is an internship credit class.)
  3. Please Note: If you intend to hire a High School student as your Intern, you will be restricted to State Employment Work Hour limits and any limits that might be set by the high school or organization (ex. JMG).


  1. As of January 2022, the minimum rate of pay for Interns and Student Workers is $12.75 per hour.[1]
  2. Student Workers/Interns are not paid benefits pay.

Total Cost:

Options (Hours) One Week Normal Semester (15 Weeks) An Academic School Year (Roughly 30 Weeks) An Academic Year and Summer Semester
A: 20 HOURS $12.75 X 20= $255 $255 X 15= $3,825 $3,825 X 2= $7,650 $3,825 X 3= $11,475
B: 40 HOURS $12.75 X 40= $510 $510 X 15= $7,650 $7,650 X 2= $15,300 Will only work if Intern is in an Internship Class In Most Cases: $7,650 + $7,650=$15,300

[1] This is subject to change based on State Laws and University Mandates; always double-check the Student Employment website to be sure you are using up-to-date pay rates.