Sample Internship Wrap Up/Exit Interview Questions

(Download as a Word document)

  1. How would you describe this internship experience to others?
  2. Discuss the challenges of your internship experience and ways they may be improved.
  3. Discuss the strong points of your internship experience.
  4. Looking back, what do you wish you would have known before starting this internship?
  5. How did you feel about your training and mentoring/supervision?
  6. What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned this fall/spring/summer? 
  7. What was the most rewarding thing about working with (fill in the blank) this fall/spring/summer? What about program participants?
  8. What was the most challenging thing about working with (fill in the blank)? What about program participants?
  9. Tell us about any new skills, techniques, and knowledge you gained this spring/fall/summer.
  10. If you could make a change to your internship experience, what would you change?
  11. How did this internship match your expectations?
  12. What do you believe the next step is in your career path, and how can we help you get there?
  13. Would you recommend this internship to other students? Why or Why not?