Maine’s Native Berry

Maine’s lowbush blueberry (Vaccinium angustifolium Ait.) is native to northern New England and Atlantic Canada. In Maine, this crop is not planted but inhabits large fields on mountain tops and in glacial outwash plains which formed 10,000 years ago. Any given field can have as many as 1,500 genetically distinct wild blueberry plants that create a patchwork of berry flavor, shapes, and colors which is why many people refer to them as wild. Wild blueberries are grown in a two-year production cycle that alternates between a “prune year” and a “crop year.” Following the harvest in August, plants are pruned to the ground by mowing or burning. This makes the entire year after harvest, a vegetative year where stems, leaves, and buds develop. In the second year, plants bloom and produce blueberries.  Wild blueberry farmers typically divide their acreage equally between the two cycles in order to harvest a crop every year.

blueberry field with dirt road and a prune field on one side and crop field on the wither (showing the difference in height and color).
Blueberry production cycles: crop (left) and prune (right). Photo: Jennifer D’Appollonio

Maine Vaccinium Blueberry Species

All blueberries and cranberries are in the genus Vaccinium and heath plant family, Ericaceae. While we generally refer to the commercial production of wild blueberries to be Vaccinium angustifolium, there are several species of wild, lowbush, blueberries found in Maine fields. The most abundant wild blueberry in our commercial fields is the low-sweet, Vaccinium angustifolium

The huckleberry east of the Mississippi is the black huckleberry Gaylussacia  baccata  and is a weed in wild blueberry fields.  In the US West, several blueberry types of Vaccinium species are referred to as huckleberries, but none of them occur in Maine. Myrtillus is the species name of the European bilberry, and except for a small disjunct population the Rockies probably brought by European settlers, does not occur in North America.
Type Species Variety Common Name Height Characteristics
Lowbush V. angustifolium various Low Sweet 4-15” Smooth, dark green leaves. Bell-shaped white or pink blossoms. Waxy fruit creating light powder-blue berry color.
nigrum Black, Low Sweet Same as Low Sweet, except the black fruit is a result of less wax coating on the berries. Berries tend to be sweeter.
Lowbush V. myrtilloides various Sour Top 6-24” Hairy, light green-white leaves and stems Bell-shaped greenish-white blossoms. Berries are smaller, less sweet and bright blue with waxy coating. More cold tolerant and later blooming than low sweet.
Highbush V. corymbosum various Highbush Up to 6’ Tall tree-like shrubs, naturally found in bog forests of eastern North America. This species has been bred for commercial and homestead production. Large light-blue berries.
Half-high V. angustifolium x V. corymbosum various Half-high 20-60″ Occurs naturally in ME especially near lakes and ponds, but many home gardens contain varieties produced by the University of Minnesota breeding program.

University of Maine Cooperative Extension

Our wild blueberry team provides research-based knowledge for farmers. We are a group of extension specialists and researchers who do field and lab studies directly with growers on topics that improve the economic and environmental sustainability of Maine farms. We work with graduate students, technicians, and other researchers in the US and Canada. We have a strong relationship with the Wild Blueberry Commission of Maine industry group. There are 38,000 acres of commercial wild blueberry in Maine, managed by 485 farmers.

Get Involved! Dr. Calderwood and her team organize several on-farm fields days throughout the growing season and conferences over the winter.

Check out our Events Page to join us!

Growing Wild Blueberries at Home

Wild blueberries are best transplanted as sod. Growing wild blueberries from seed is easy in a planter but not recommended for landscapes at this time. Wild blueberry is slower growing than other plants and will be easily out-competed by weeds. Sod arrives with a fully intact, established root system that has a better chance of survival. Look for a sod retailer on our Marketplace page. If you decide to plant wild blueberry seed, make sure it is planted in mulch or another water holding material. Seed will dry out very quickly.

Click here for details on growing wild blueberries at home!

The University of Maine recognizes that it is located on Marsh Island in the homeland of the Penobscot Nation, where issues of water and territorial rights, and encroachment upon sacred sites, are ongoing. Penobscot homeland is connected to the other Wabanaki Tribal Nations — the Passamaquoddy, Maliseet, and Mi’kmaq — through kinship, alliances and diplomacy. The University also recognizes that the Penobscot Nation and the other Wabanaki Tribal Nations are distinct, sovereign, legal and political entities with their own powers of self-governance and self-determination. The Wild Blueberry Cooperative Extension Research team recognizes that the ongoing cultivation of wild blueberry in Maine is based on the knowledge and experience gained by generations of Passamaquoddy, Mi’kmaq, Maliseet, and Penobscot communities; these communities continue to cultivate and celebrate wild blueberry today 

Maine Farms Selling Wild Blueberries

Names A-G

Jimmy and Denise Alexander
Alexander’s Wild Maine Blueberries
79 Alexander Way
Greenfield, Maine 04418
Tel: 207.570.7500
Email: visit our web site to contact us by email
Products: fresh or frozen 10 lb. boxes, pick your own.

Jon and Paulette Antil
2001 Northfield Road
Northfield, Maine 04654
Tel: 207.255.4010
Products: fresh wild blueberries during the season in quarts and 5 lb. boxes and frozen 5 lb. boxes year round.

Mark Apalsch
Wild Sods of Maine
216 High Street #352
Ellsworth, Maine 04605
Tel: 207.460.6469
Products: Blueberry, Hayscented Fern, Huckleberry, Hair Cap Moss & More.

Beech Hill Preserve in Rockport
Coastal Mountains Land Trust
101 Mt. Battie Street
Camden, Maine 04843
Tel: 207.236.7091
Fax: 207.236.0612
Products: certified organic, fresh 10 lb. boxes, free pick weekend (call for information).

Jacob and Amanda Boyington
Ridge Road Blueberries
1108 Appleton Ridge Road
Appleton, Maine 04862
Tel: 207.785.6348
Cell Phone: 207.701.9920
Products: fresh, frozen.

John and Allison Boyington
Ridgeberry Farm
1005 Appleton Ridge Road
Appleton, ME 04862
Home Phone: 207.785.3935
Tel: 207.542.5902
Cell: 207.691.8935
Products: fresh pack, frozen.

Robert Brady
Panchos Wild Blueberries
34349 Big Traverse Road
Lake Linden, Michigan 49945
Tel: 906.296.4561 (in season)
Cell: 616.842.8357
Products: frozen 30 lb. cartons, frozen juice stock for wines and jam making.

Richard & Gwen Brodis
Brodis Blueberries
367 Buzzell Hill Road
Hope, Maine 04847
Tel: 207.785.4433
Products: jam.

Brenda and Kim Cartwright
The Organizer, Inc.
330 Bayside Road
Ellsworth, Maine 04605
Tel: 207.667.9062 or 207.667.4420
Cell: 207.664.3099
Products: fresh, pick your own (call ahead).

Costas and Sally Christ
Blue Sky Farm
PO Box 175
Brooksville, Maine 04617
Tel: 207.326.9099
Fax: 207.326.9171
Products: certified organic, fresh, frozen bulk blueberry box, pick your own.

Gerald Cooper
Coop’s Blueberries
63 Dwelleys Lake Road
Alexander, Maine 04694
Tel: 207.454.7811
Cell: 207.214.9811
Products: fresh, frozen.

Chester Curtis
58 N Main Street
Milbridge, Maine 04658
Tel: 207.546.2200
Cell: 207.557.7219
Products: fresh, pick your own.

Tim Dickens
Dickens Farms
663 Eastbrook Road
Eastbrook, Maine 04634
Tel: 207.565.2264 or 207.565.2264
Cell: 207.460.9353
Fax: 207.565.2493
Products: fresh (quart.,10, 20, or 30 lb. boxes), pick your own.

Delmont and Marie Emerson
Wild Blueberry Land, Inc.
1067 US #1 Highway, PO Box 2
Columbia Falls, Maine 04623
Tel: 207.483.3884 or483.483.2583
Products: Fresh in season, frozen all year pints, 5 and 10 lb. boxes. Wild Blueberry Jams, jellies, spreads, sauces, honey, teas, coffee, pies, pastries, candies, sodas.

Delmont and Marie Emerson
Wild Wescogus Berries
383 Indian River Road
Addison, Maine 04606
Tel: 207.483.3884 or 207.483.2583
Products: fresh (pint, 5 or 10 lb. boxes, August-September), frozen (5 or 10 lb. boxes, year round).

Tom and Nancy Ford
Ford’s Blueberries
96 Blueberry Hill Road
Hope, Maine 04849
Tel: 207.236.0989
Products: fresh, pick your own.

Lloyd Griscom
Peace & Plenty Farm
1232 Reeds Mill Road
Phillips, Maine 04966
Tel: 207.639.5550 or 207.670.5554
Products: certified organic, frozen.

Names H-M

Robert Hall
Hall’s Wild Blueberries, Inc.
P.O. Box 195118 Mountain Rd.
Standish, Maine 04084
Farm: 118 Mountain Road, Vienna, ME
Tel: 207.642.2066 or 207.293.2253
Products: fresh (10 lb. boxes in August only), pick your own.

Wayne and Lisa Hanscom
Welch Farm
186 Roque Bluffs Road
Roque Bluffs, Maine 04654
Tel: 207.255.0133
Products: fresh and frozen blueberries, blueberry gift baskets and old blueberry boxes.

Ivan Hawkins
Fox Hill Farm
4503 Airline Road
Wesley, Maine 04686
Tel: 207.255.6358
Products: fresh.

Ellen Johnson
Lamb Cove Farm
187 US Rte. 1
Robbinston, Maine 04671
Tel: 207.454.3364
Products: certified organic, fresh, frozen, blueberry jam.

David and Susan Jordan
Maine Sweet and Wild
24 Minnow Brook Road
Waltham, Maine 04605
Tel: 207.584.5593 or 207.667.5571
Cell: 207.460.2301
Fax: 207.584.5594
Products: fresh (July-August), frozen (5 or 10 lb. boxes year round).

Kris and Janice Kangas
The Farm
247 West Street Extension
Rockport, Maine 04856
Tel: 207.236.8430
Cell: 207.542.8558
Products: fresh, quarts and 15 lb. boxes, other needs can be met.  Early orders are suggested to help us work with the weather and the growing season.

Sanford Kelley
Rockdale Farm
967 Mason Bay Road
Jonesport, Maine 04649
Tel: 207.497.2846 or 207.497.2118
Cell: 860.384.0198
Products: fresh, frozen 5 lb. packages.

Jack Lane
Pleasant Mountain Blueberries
25 Tolman Lane
Rockport, Maine 04856
Tel: 207.236.6596
Products: fresh, pick-your-own.

Jenny and Hugh Lassen
Intervale Farm
199 North Main Street
Cherryfield, Maine 04622
Tel: 207.546.2589
Products: certified organic, fresh, frozen, jam, chutney.

Brenda and Doug Latham
Latham Blueberries
501 Mt. Ephraim Road
Searsport, Maine 04974
Tel: 207.548.6470
Cell: 201.754.1140
Product: Fresh blueberries for site pickup from pints to quarts and by the pound or a half bushel.

Nicolas Lindholm
Blue Hill Berry Company
95 Dunbar Road
Penobscot, Maine 04476
Tel: 207.266.6349
Products: Certified organic since 1997. Fresh (pints, quarts, 5 and 10 lb. boxes) and frozen (1-, 1½-and 3-quart bags, 5 and 10 lb. boxes) berries. Available at farm, farmers markets, and health food stores. Ship frozen berries.

Steven and Shannon Lion
Sunkhaze Blueberry Farm
P.O. Box 53
Old Town, Maine 04468
Tel: 207.745.7583
Cell: 207.745.2197
Products: fresh, frozen (5 lb. fresh or 10 lb. freezer ready boxes).

William Little
118 Hopkins Road
Washington, Maine 04574
Tel: 207.845.2908
Products: fresh blueberries.

Ray Loomis
Mohawk Valley Trading Company
901 Broad St, 3rd Floor
Utica, New York 13501
Tel: 315.519.2640
Products: Raw, Wild Maine Blueberry Blossom Honey.

Nancy Lowry
Indian Meadow Herbals, LLC
1284 Macomber Mill Road
Eastbrook, Maine 06434
Tel: 207.565.3010
Products: Personal care products made from certified organic wild blueberries (eye cream, facial mist, mature skin cream, sensitive skin lotion, and facial cleanser).

Molly and Shawn Mercer
The Nancy Place
1313 Bald Mountain Road
Orland, Maine 04472
Tel: 207.949.7662
Products: Blueberry jams and spreads, pies, cookies, muffins, etc. available for pre-order; frozen berries all year.

Edward Michaels
Wild Blue Berry Hill Farm
505 Weir Cove Road
Harborside, Maine 04642
Home phone: 207.319.7545
Work phone: 207.370.7755
Cell phone: 207.240.3705
Products: Organic stone ground Maine whole wheat crusted organic wild blueberry pie, organic wild blueberry danish, green tea wild blueberry products, organic fresh pack, and frozen blueberries.

Doug and Tina Mott
Continuous Harmony Farm
18 Salamander Road
Lincolnville, Maine 04849
Tel: 207.763.2839
Products: no-spray, fresh-pack 10 lb. boxes.

Names N-Z

William O’Brien
Bill’s Blueberries
84 Woods Road
Belfast, Maine 04915
Tel: 207.338.0668
Cell: 207.505.1158
Products: 10 lb. fresh pack boxes for pre-order and pick-up.

Amos and Lola Orcutt
Great Pond Mountain Farm
1192 Bald Mountain Road
Orland, Maine 04472
Tel: 207. 945.4668 or 207.469.6450
Products: fresh, frozen.

Warren and Velma Orcutt
Orcutt Farm
1163 Unionville Road, PO Box 284
Steuben, Maine 04680
Tel: 207.546.7205 or 207.546.6000
Fax: 207.546.3707
Product: fresh (pints, 5 or 10 lb. boxes during harvest season), frozen (5 or 10 lb. boxes year round).

Ben Perrin
Burke Hill Farm
520 Blacks Woods Road
Cherryfield, Maine 04622-4254
Tel: 207.460.6215
Products: certified organic, fresh, frozen.

Brian and Marie Powers
Hart’s Blueberries
11 Hart’s Mill Road
Hope, Maine 04847
Tel: 207.785.4311
Cell: 207.504.0408
Fax: 207.785.6311
Products: fresh (pints, quarts, freezer pails, 10 lb. flats), wine berries, juice berries.

Kim and Don Roos
Garden Side Dairy/Hatch Knoll Farm
29 Hatch Knoll Road
Jonesboro, Maine 04648-3353
Tel: 207.434.2674
E-mail: or
Products: organic, frozen blueberries.

Elmer Savage
Savage Oakes Vineyard & Winery
174 Barrett Hill Road
Union, Maine 04862
Tel: 207.785.5261
Products: Blueberry table and dessert wines.

Jack Schmelzer
Hog Bay Berries
207 Hog Bay Road
Franklin, Maine 04634
Tel: 207.266.7241
Products: fresh (quarts, 10 lb. boxes), frozen jam.

Lincoln Sennett
Sennett & Sennett Inc.
332 Bessey Ridge Road
Albion, Maine 04910
Tel: 207.437.5845 or 207.437.2251
Cell: 207.512.0136
Fax: 207.437.2251
Products: frozen (5, 10, or 30 lb. boxes), jam.

Molly Sholes
Spruce Mountain Blueberries
P.O. Box 68
West Rockport, Maine 04865-0068
Tel: 207.236.8482
Fax: 207.236.8545
Products: fresh, chutney, conserve, jam, topping, spread, vinegar.

Nancy & Lou Sidell
Perseverance Wild Blueberry Farm
PO Box 685, Guilford, Maine 04443-0685
Tel: 207.314.3937
Products: pick your own.

Basil Staples
Staples Homestead Blueberry Farm
1194 Cape Jellison Road
Stockton Springs, Maine 04981
Tel: 207.567.3393
Products: certified organic, fresh (quart or 1/2 bushel box), pick your own.

Jennifer Stewart
Stewart’s Blueberries
416 Bangor Rd.
Stockton Springs, Maine 04981
Tel: 207.567.3015 or 207.322.3343
Cell: 207.602.9144
Products: Fresh pack pints, quarts, 5 lb. boxes fresh or frozen, 15 lb. boxes fresh or frozen, juice berries, juice, jams, jellies, preserves, honey, baked goods, blueberry jewelry, t-shirts, seasonal/local items.

Patti Taylor Rogers
Taylor-Brown Wild Blueberry Company
305 Prospect Mtn. Road
Alton, New Hampshire 03809
Tel: 603.776.4570 or 603.776.0432
Fax: 603.776.0432
Products: fresh (in season), frozen (year round) blueberries, blueberry jam/jellies.

Lynn Thurston
Blue Sky Produce
243 Tory Hill
Phillips, Maine 04966
Tel: 207.684.2109 or 207.684.2177
Cell: 207.491.2159
Fax: 207.684.2173
Products: fresh, frozen.

Gail VanWart
Peaked Mountain Farm
and Native Pollinator Sanctuary 
Farm: 16 Ellery’s Lane
Dedham, Maine 04429
Tel: 207.249.5002
Products: Senior (over 50) pick-your-own, online reservation required. 

Ron and Carol Varin
Beddington Ridge Farm
1951 State Highway 193
Beddington, Maine 04622
Tel: 207.638.2664
Products: fresh (pints, quarts, 10 lb. boxes), jam, unsweetened jam, pick your own.

Rhonda & Jack Warren
Copeland Hill Wild Blueberries
664 Wiswell Road
Holden, Maine 04429
Tel: 207.989.6568
Cell: 207.632.4781
Products: Fresh berries during harvest otherwise 5-10 lb. boxes of frozen berries while supplies last.

Everett Worcester
Worcester’s Wild Blueberries
356 Lyford Road
Orneville Twp, Maine 04463
Tel: 207.943.8804
Fax: 207.943.8804
Products: jam, jelly, syrup, pie filling, juice, chutney, vinaigrette, blueberry honey.

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