Growing Wild Blueberries at Home

Maine’s lowbush, or wild, blueberry (Vaccinium angustifolium Ait.) is native to northern New England and Atlantic Canada. This species of blueberry grows as a field crop in acidic, well-draining soils. Adapted to these soils and Maine’s coastal environment and challenging winters, wild blueberries are a low input crop.

To create a new field, a section of forest is cut down and the land is managed to maintain an early successional habitat where wild blueberry thrives. 

Wild blueberry makes a fantastic groundcover when planted at home. For the best success, plant wild blueberry plants or sod that can be purchased from Maine suppliers. You can establish plants from seed at home with frozen blueberries, see our guide here.

NEW! Growing Wild Blueberries for Homeowners

A guide to encouraging or establishing wild blueberries at home