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To post wild blueberry equipment that you are looking for or have for sale on our Wild Blueberry Exchange page, please send information to Mary Michaud,, with a description of the item, a contact name, telephone number and/or email address, along with your asking price. Also, please let us know when you have sold your equipment so we can remove your ad from our website.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  There are many scams being perpetrated today and it would be prudent for each grower posting blueberry equipment for sale or wanted on our website to know who he is selling his equipment to and make sure checks received are legitimate before releasing any equipment.

No product endorsement is implied, nor is discrimination intended against similar products. Cooperative Extension makes no warranty or guarantee of any kind concerning these products.

For Sale: “Cigar Box” – 5 lb boxes for fresh or frozen markets. ~500 tops and bottoms available. I payed 1.15/ea and will sell the lot for $375 to make some room in the barn. Craft natural un-dyed boxes have a nice look. Email for pictures and any questions you have, thanks.
Contact: Matt Greaney
Date posted: December 20, 2019

Wanted: Used Emerson walk behind blueberry Harvester
Contact: Reino Liimatainen
Phone: 207.272.8986
Date posted: December 10, 2019

For Sale: 30″ x approximately 19′ food grade heavy duty belt with 1/2″ V belt vulcanized to back on center. To be sold together with two v-groved roller/pulleys w/1″ shafts to make up a pick-off belt.
Belt is new old stock made by Colmar belting of Boston years ago. Rollers have not been installed since being zinc plated.
Contact: Eric Rowe, Evans Mountain Farm
Location: Straford, NH
Tel: 603.235.5045
Text: 603.235.5045
Date posted: December 5, 2019

For Sale: Straw & Hay
Contact: Charles Godfrey
Price Sheet: 2019 Straw & Hay Price Sheet Wallingford Farm
Tel: (207) 985-2112
Date Posted: October 2019

All prices are landed cost, freight is free. Order now to cover your Strawberry or Blueberry fields by the end of October! Prices will increase on November 1st once the Straw has been moved to the barn.

Wanted: Lowbush Blueberry Land, preferably in Western Maine, 8-20 acres.
Contact: Nick Nataluk
Phone: 207.756.0762
Date posted: September 11, 2019

For sale: 2015 Leon Perry Blueberry Harvester on John Deere Tractor. 150 hours, works excellent. In excellent condition and ready for this year’s harvest.
Contact: Terri Crowley
Phone: 207.497.5631
Date posted: July 1, 2019

For sale: Double Bragg Harvester
Price: Any reasonable offer will be accepted. NS growers in particular may get some government assistance for an upgrade. Will send pictures to interested parties.
Contact: David MacNearney
Phone: 902.838.4204
Cell: 902.969.0124
Date posted: June 26, 2019

Lease: Approximately 16 Acres. Last harvested in 2015. Was the most productive field for one of the bigger harvesting companies who maintained it since the 1940’s and dropped in 2016. Landowner lease includes maintenance of field with first payment in 2022. Can be certified organic next year.
Where: Pittston
Contact: Matt Greaney
Date posted: June 4, 2019

Wanted: Blueberries. Will buy blueberries for resale all year long, fresh or frozen.
Date posted: May 31, 2019
Contact: Don O’Connor

For Sale: A used walk behind blueberry harvester (Manufacture: Acadian Machine Works)
Excellent condition used sparely for several years.
Price: contact seller
Contact: Alfie Sullivan
Tel: 902.404.5219
Date posted: April 16, 2019

For Sale: DH Equipment has designed several machine models before arriving at a machine configured and optimized for wild blueberry picking.
Price: contact seller
Contact: Mario Hebert
DH Equipment, Inc.
31 Grand Rang S
Albanel, QC, Canada G8M 3L7
Tel: 418.279.2006
Date posted: February 22, 2019

For Sale: Walk behind harvester and tractor mounted harvester.
Price: contact seller
Contact: Acadian Machine Works Ltd.
17 Pine Tree Lane
Tignish, PE, Canada C0B 2B0
Tel: 902.882.2349
Date Posted: February 22, 2019
wild blueberry harvesters

For Sale: Picking head mounted on a Grasshopper mower.
Price: contact seller
Contact: Mike MacKay
Pictou County Berry Limited
Blueberry Harvesting and Equipment Sales
RR 2 Trenton, NS, Canada
Tel: 902.396.8364
Date Posted: February 22, 2019
wild blueberry picking head

Wanted: The Skowhegan Farmers’ Market is looking for a few new vendors for the 2019 summer season. The market is on Saturdays from 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.  We are specifically interested in the following:  Berries, Poultry/Eggs, Value Added Goods (all kinds!), Dairy (cow), bottled milk, yogurt, etc. For more information and if you are interested in applying please visit our website.
Date Posted: January 22, 2019

For Sale: Foggy Hill Farm is now a BioBest dealer! We will be coordinating the delivery of bumble bees for the blueberry folks in Maine. This is a similar product to the Koppert bumble bee quads we have purchased up to now but at a reduced price. We are coordinating a shipment to our farm here in Frankfort for the spring bloom this year.
Price: Quads will be $250 with delivery to Frankfort included.
Contact: Josh and Kim Dickson, Foggy Hill Farm
Tel: 207.299.7911
Date Posted: January 22, 2019

wild blueberries walk behind harvesterWanted: We are looking for wild blueberries walk behind harvester or small harvester which is used with a small tractor. Something like in the picture on right. It could be new or used, if you have something to offer, please, contact us.
Tel: 3-712.838.1999
Current: December 2018

For Sale: Two mechanical pickers, good working condition, recently serviced and used this past season.
Price: $3,000 each
Contact: Terry Sprague
Tel: 207.667.3169
Current: December 2018

For Sale: 100+ acres overlooking Pleasant River and the ocean, ~25 acres of improved blueberry fields. Over $100,000 worth of irrigation installed, including a nearly new John Deere pump, used less than 50 hours. Sod present is ideal for landscaping as well.
Price: $165,000
Tel: 207.263.6757
Current: December 2018

Wanted: Field Blueberry Winnower, preferably a Rivers style
Contact: Jesse Stevens
Tel: 207.595.9723
Current: December 2018

Wanted: Maine Equipment Company Walk-Behind Blueberry Picker
Contact: Kevin Gillis
Tel: 902.631.2727
Current: December 2018

For Sale: Irrigation equipment, all in excellent condition. A comprehensive list can be reviewed here.
Contact: David Whitney
Tel: 207.632.7117
Current: December 2018

The three pumps listed are no longer available. The three sprinkler heads are still in the box, and priced at $1500.00 each. All used guns are $1000.00 each, and aluminum pipes/fittings are roughly half the price of new.

Wanted: A larger size fresh pack line produced by Maine Blueberry Equipment Company.
Contact: Josh Dickson
Foggy Hill Farm
143 West Hill Road
Frankfort, ME 04438
Tel: 207.299.7911
Current: December 2018

For Sale: Well maintained blueberry Vicon fertilizer spreader and Kubota forks and bin clamp.

  • ’12  VICON PS403 Fertilizer Spreader CA$3,000 – Capacity of 400L per spec sheet.
  • ‘04 Kubota Forks & Bin Clamp CA$3,000

Contact: Allan C. Bonnyman
Bonnymans’ Wild Blueberries
Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia
Tel: 902.899.6446 or 902.657.2010
Current: December 2018

Wanted: Blueberry pack line that could be used or modified to pack cherry tomatoes.
Contact: Kimberly Stokdijk
Stokdijk Greenhouse Ltd.
Beaver Brook, Nova Scotia
Tel: 902.899.5621 or 902.895-4817
Current: December 2018

For Sale: MC 7918 JATA 0400 Mist Blower. Used approximately 30 hours, stored inside, ready for use, 110 gallon tank.
Contact: Ivan Hanscom
Hanscom Industries
P.O. Box 416
Machias, ME 04654
Tel: 202.263.6757 or 207.255.3924
Price: asking $7,500.00 (bought new in 2006 for $9613.95)
Current: December 2018

For Sale:

  • Sorting table with variable speed belt, 10′ x 2′. Asking $5,000.00.
  • String sorter 2.5′ x 2″, variable speed drive with box of new strings included. Asking $2500.00.
  • Blueberry juice press, horizontal squeeze box style with 9 pockets per side, great for pressing specialty juices, approximately 100 gallons/per hour depending on the fruit. Asking $7,500.00.

Contact: Stuart Littlefield
Littlefield’s of Maine
369 King Street
Oxford, ME 04270
Tel: 207.890.5959 or 539.8108
Current: December 2018

For Sale: MBE Blueberry Oil Burner – 3 tubes, all rebuilt, new flotation tires, tubes, heads, hoses, belts. This oil burner has been stored inside, is in excellent condition, and ready to go. Asking $7,500.00.

  • MBE Weed Wiper- 6’ wide, pull with four-wheeler on tractor. This weed wiper has been stored inside and is in excellent condition. Asking  $600.00
  • MS Sprayer- 1135E, 300 gallon tank, 60 ft. boom, all hydraulic, 8 section swarth pro control, Norac height control, foam marker, fence row marker. This sprayer has been stored inside and is in excellent condition. Asking $35,000.00

Contact: Jon Antil
Harmon Mountain Farms
2001 Northfield Road
Northfield, ME 04654
Tel: 207.255.4010
Current: December 2018

For Sale:

  • 3-point hitch boom sprayer 125 gallon capacity (complete). Asking $1200.
  • Spare roller pump (rebuildable). Asking $20.
  • ATV boom sprayer (near new). Asking $275.
  • ATV/tractor foam marker (new). Asking $350.
  • Maine Blueberry Equipment Company walk behind harvester. Asking $7,000.
  • Solo pesticide mist blower. Asking $150.
  • Digital weight scale. Asking $95.
  • Rakes and pails. Asking $200.
  • Package for all items: Asking $8500.

Contact: Elden and Jane Lyon
Skyline Farm
44 Ridge Road
Marshfield, ME 04654
Tel: 207. 255.3930
Current: December 2018

For Sale: (2) Used wild blueberry harvesters (Parrsboro, Nova Scotia)
Two completely refurbished DBE single 3-foot head harvester systems: One harvester mounted on a TN75 4WD tractor and the other harvester to be mounted on tractor of choice.  I also build and design custom hydraulic control systems for any wild blueberry harvester.
Contact: Bill Davison
Tel: 902.254.4472
Current: December 2018

For Sale: (2) 3,000 gallon fuel tanks (for gas, oil and diesel only).
Contact: Ted Knadler, Mace Farms
Tel: 207.584.3876
Price: $700 each
Current: December 2018

For Sale:  A wide range of used blueberry equipment, including:

  • Blower cleaners
  • Box fillers
  • Clamshell fillers
  • Color/soft fruit sorters
  • Conveyors
  • Destemmers
  • Harvesters
  • Inspection tables
  • Mowers
  • Sizers
  • Packing equipment
  • And much more! Visit the website below for photos, details and prices.

Contact: Wyatt Oates, Used Blueberry Equipment (Alabama)
Tel:  334.790.1605
Current: December 2018

Page Contact: Mary Michaud

Phone: 207.581.3175