Wild Blueberry Exchange

To post wild blueberry equipment that you are looking for or have for sale on our Wild Blueberry Exchange page, please send information to Mary Michaud, mary.j.michaud@maine.edu, with a description of the item, a contact name, telephone number and/or email address, along with your asking price. Also, please let us know when you have sold your equipment so we can remove your ad from our website.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  There are many scams being perpetrated today and it would be prudent for each grower posting blueberry equipment for sale or wanted on our website to know who they are selling their equipment to and make sure checks received are legitimate before releasing any equipment.

No product endorsement is implied, nor is discrimination intended against similar products. Cooperative Extension makes no warranty or guarantee of any kind concerning these products.


Wanted: Blueberries. Will buy blueberries for resale all year long, fresh or frozen.
Date posted: February 9, 2022
Contact: Don O’Connor
Email: breadwinnerdon@gmail.com

Wanted: Used Emerson walk behind harvester
Contact: Emily Brittelli 
Email: Emilyswildmaineblueberries@gmail.com
Phone: 207.776.4750
Date posted: August 10, 2021

Wanted: “Looking for an older blueberry winnowing machine in the style of the Emil Rivers winnowers. We can work with it even if it needs some love.”
Contact: Joanne Woodward
Email: joanneswoodward@gmail.com
Date posted: May 3, 2022

Wanted: Looking to purchase or rent a walk behind or small harvester (i.e. BlueMax) for the season.
Contact: Steve Hand
Email: steve@handadventures.net
Phone: 207.930.0825
Date posted: July 12, 2021

Wanted: Looking for contract fresh blueberry packer or buyer. Willing to sell or partner. I can help find regional markets and ship. Also, considering drying and value added processors for my wild blueberries…
Contact: Rob
Phone: 860-208-1399
Email: Brodierob@hotmail.com
Date posted: March 5, 2021

Wanted: Used equipment for blueberry cleaning line for wild blueberries.
Date posted: May 13, 2022
Contact: John L., Montmagny, QC
Phone: 418.249.2152 or 418.508.1952


Land & Business Opportunities

For Sale:

Ready to be your own boss or to expand your current farm operation?

We’re ready to retire. Selling a twenty-year turnkey value-added blueberry business. Everything you need to launch is included: all kitchen tools, current inventory & supplies, more than a dozen recipes, customer accounts, website, social media accounts and more.

We’ll even provide six months of mentoring and advice to help you in your new endeavor.

Interested parties should contact Lee Worcester  lee.worcester@yahoo.com or 207-943-8804

Current: January 2022

Pre-Owned Field Equipment

For Sale: Fertilizer Spreader, up to 1000 lb bags.
Price: $2,300
Contact: Ivan Hanscom
Phone: 207.263.6757
Email: theoffice@maineline.net
Date Posted: May 6, 2022

For Sale: Used 1000 gallon fuel tank (in steel tub) with pump (empty) $1500
This is a good deal!
Contact: Ted, Mace Farms
Phone: 207.584.3876
Email: buy@knadler.com
Date posted: April 28, 2022

For sale: 2015 Leon Perry Blueberry Harvester on John Deere Tractor. 150 hours, works excellent. In excellent condition and ready for this year’s harvest. We will sell the harvester separately. Call for more information and pricing for harvester only.
Price: $51,000/both
Contact: Terri Crowley
Phone: 207.497.5631
Current: April 21, 2021

Boxes & Processing Equipment

Free: Antique blueberry crates – wood

~ 2 dozen crates available for pickup – free. Fresh pack crates used in the field. 3-layer crates, 24 qts with dividers. Have been in storage. Condition varies. Take one, some, or all.

Contact: Charmian.proskauer@verizon.net
Date posted: February 2022

Blueberry crates

For Sale: 30″ x approximately 19′ food grade heavy duty belt with 1/2″ V belt vulcanized to back on center. To be sold together with two v-grooved roller/pulleys w/1″ shafts to make up a pick-off belt.

Belt is new old stock made by Colmar belting of Boston years ago. Rollers have not been installed since being zinc plated.
Contact: Eric Rowe, Evans Mountain Farm
Location: Strafford, NH
Tel: 603.235.5045
Text: 603.235.5045
Email: bluberry1@tds.net
Date posted: February 2022