New Wild Blueberrytractor with trailer full of colorful blueberry boxes on a cloudy day Equipment

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Hand Rakes

The Hubbard Rake Company
1561 Mason Bay Road
Jonesport, Maine 04649
Tel: 207.497.5949

Hubbard Rake

Machine Harvesters, Pickers, and Winnowers

Maine Blueberry Equipment Company
257 Tibbettstown Road
Columbia Falls, Maine 04623
Tel: 207.483.4156

The Emerson harvester is produced by Zane Emerson. It has a rotating head with a conveyor to bring it into a plastic box (holds 10 kg) behind it.

Emerson harvester

J.M. Bouchard et Fils Inc.
741 Principale
St-Augustin, Quebec, Canada G0W 1K0
Tel : 418.374.2342.

The Bouchard Rake ( 80 cm head width) has a flat rake head that must be raised to empty into a box behind it (holds 10kg).  It is slower to operate than the Emerson harvester.

Bouchard Rake

Doug Bragg Enterprises
96 Bragg Road
Collingwood, Nova Scotia Canada B0M 1E0
Tel: 902.686.3254
Website: Facebook page

Doug Bragg Enterprises Ltd. Mechanical Blueberry Harvester

Doug Bragg Enterprises Ltd. Mechanical Blueberry Harvester consists of a reel-type picking head. The head is side mounted to a tractor in such a manner as to allow the picking head to follow contours of the ground. These machines have been proven to reduce the harvesting costs as much as 50% and are more efficient than hand raking for product recovery.

Machine Harvesters, Pickers, and Winnowers

DH Equipment Inc.
DH Equipment has designed several machine models before arriving at a ride-on machine configured and optimized for wild blueberry picking.
Contact: Mike Mackay
Pictou County Berry Ltd.
4951 Pictou Landing Road
Trenton, NS B0K 1X0, Canada

Tel: 1.902.417.1649

Date posted: January 30, 2023

Acadian Machine Works. Ltd

Walk behind harvester and tractor mounted harvester.
Contact: Acadian Machine Works Ltd.
17 Pine Tree Lane
Tignish, PE, Canada C0B 2B0
Tel: 902.882.2349
Date Posted: April 21, 2022

wild blueberry harvesters

Pictou County Berry Limited
Blueberry Harvesting and Equipment Sales

Contact: Mike MacKay
Pictou County Berry Limited
Blueberry Harvesting and Equipment Sales
RR 2 Trenton, NS, Canada
Tel: 902.396.8364
Date Posted: April 26, 2022

Picking head mounted on a Grasshopper mower.

rideable berry picker with multiple colored plastic boxes on the back of the picker


For Rent: Honey bee colonies for pollination
Contact: Matt Roy (Royal Bees and Honey)
:  207.229.9125
Date Posted: April 21, 2022
Minimum colonies per location is typically 20-24 colonies.  Large needs are welcomed.  Reasonable rates.  Call or email me for questions or prices.

For Sale: Straw & Hay
Contact: Charles Godfrey
Price Sheet: forthcoming
Tel: (207) 985-2112
Date Posted: April 21, 2022

All prices are landed cost, freight is free. Order now to cover your strawberry or blueberry fields by the end of October! Prices will increase on November 1st once the straw has been moved to the barn.