Tussie Mussies Recap

buckets of flowersBefore the age of emails and texting there was the art of secret messages via floral arrangements. They called them “Tussie Mussies” and it was just as interesting as it’s name sounds.

Said to originate in the Victorian era, Tussie Mussies are small, round bouquets made up of herbs and flowers that each hold symbolic meaning. Last week, our very own home horticulturist, Amy Witt, led a class on these dainty creations. Amy explained the intricate detailing and meanings of each flower and herb and how to pair them together to create a thoughtful message.

There were flowers by the buckets! Each holding a special meaning. White roses for innocent love, baby’s breath for pure heart, and fern for fascination and sincerity. All of the flowers will provide a number of combinations and messages for each Tussie Mussie created throughout the workshop. We had several women sign up and it was a hit! The results were beautiful!

Each bouquet is unique, allowing for creativity and personality to shine through. Though the tradition faded away after the Victorian Era the spirit is making its way back with workshops such as this one. Tussie Mussies are a perfect, sentimental gift to give for any occasions such as birthdays or “get well soon” (just be sure to give a key of your floral meanings as well).


When words are not enough these thoughtful bouquets can speak wonders.