Start a 4-H Club

Traditional 4-H programs are delivered through community clubs led by volunteers. Clubs may focus on animal projects, community service, science, healthy lifestyles, or more. All clubs provide opportunities to engage positively in the community using leadership and citizenship skills gained through 4-H. Because 4-H clubs are led by volunteers each club is different. If you have looked through the list of 20+ clubs on the 4-H Clubs in Cumberland County page and cannot find a club that fits you or your child’s needs consider starting your own.

To start a club you will need to:

  • Know an adult (18+) willing to go through the 4-H Volunteer Certification process, which is explained on the How Do I Become a Volunteer? page.
  • Contact the Cumberland County 4-H Office at 207.781.6099 or email to discuss starting a club (location, club focus, age range, etc.) and to begin the volunteer certification process
  • Know or have a plan to find at least four youth from three different families interested in joining the club
  • Obtain an annual 4-H Start-Up Packet from the 4-H Office
  • A sample of how the first few meetings of a new club may be run can be found on the Table of Contents – Starting a New 4-H Club page.

Annual 4-H Club Start-Up Packet:

Paperwork to send to the Extension office by December 31:

  • UMaine Photo Release, 4-H Program Participation, Permission, Agreements Form for 4-H members  (Word) | (PDF)
  • 4-H Club Information Form (PDF)
    (with contact information, meeting dates, etc.)
  • 4-H Goals Worksheet (PDF)
    (we recommend you make a copy for yourself and for each parent in the club)
  • Nondiscrimination Statement (Word) | (PDF)
    (signed by 4-H leader)

Paperwork to help your club plan for the year:

  • Starting Up Your Club Instruction Sheet (Word) | (PDF)
  • Dates and Deadlines: Check the 4-H Calendar page for the most up to date information
  •  4-H Club Planning Worksheet (Word) | (PDF)
    (we recommend you make a copy for yourself and for each parent in the club)
  •  4-H Treasurer Report (contact the Extension office for your copy to help your club keep track of money)
  • Secretary’s Report (Word) | (PDF)
    • Monthly 4-H Newsletter Reports can be emailed in paragraph form along with pictures to Please submit them by the 24th of each month.
  •  “Yes, I’d Be Glad To Help Sheet” (Word) | (PDF)
    (to get parents to volunteer and participate)
  • How to Plan a 4-H Club Business Meeting (Word) | (PDF)