Food pantry staff member helps client.

7 Ways to Support Local Food Pantries

— Kate Yerxa, Extension Educator, University of Maine Cooperative Extension Food pantries and community organizations play a role in improving the food and nutrition security of Mainers. Donating to these organizations through individual and group efforts is a way to help make a positive impact in the areas where you live. Before you donate or […]

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Pumpkin smoothie and a pumpkin

Mainely Dish: Pumpkin Smoothie

— By Kayla Parsons, Registered Dietitian and PhD student, University of Maine Cooperative Extension Visit EFNEP’s recipe website for the Pumpkin Smoothie recipe and recipe video. Is pumpkin your go-to fruit during November? (Yes, pumpkin is a fruit because it begins as a flower!) Try EFNEP’s Pumpkin Smoothie recipe for a creamy twist on this […]

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Red and white onions

7 Types of Onions and the Best Ways to Use Them

— By Kayla Parsons, Registered Dietitian and PhD student, University of Maine Cooperative Extension Are you a fan of all things onion? Onions are vegetables in the Allium family and include numerous varieties. Upgrade your cooking knowledge by learning about 7 common types of onions, their uses, and some of the Expanded Food & Nutrition […]

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Turkey sausage on a plate.

Mainely Dish: Turkey Apple Sausage Patties

— By Kayla Parsons, PhD student, RDN, University of Maine Cooperative Extension Visit the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program’s recipe website for the Turkey Apple Sausage Patties recipe and recipe video. There’s nothing better than a breakfast that hits multiple flavor profiles. This Mainely Dish Turkey Apple Sausage recipe is sweet and savory, encapsulating […]

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Mother and son cooking together.

5 Tips for Quick and Healthy Back to School Dinners

— By Kate Yerxa, MS, RD, Extension Professor, University of Maine Cooperative Extension School is back in session and for a lot of families that means after school activities and busy evenings, leaving little time for making dinner. To help make evening meals a little less stressful, here is a list of our top 5 […]

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Five spoonfuls of different spices with a variety of colors.

Saving Money with Homemade Convenience Mixes

— By Alex Bosse, Nutrition Education Professional for UMaine Cooperative Extension EFNEP (Expanded Food & Nutrition Education Program) Why Use Homemade Convenience Foods? Preparing homemade convenience foods allows you to control the final product, the nutritional value, and the quality and quantity of the ingredients. You can limit fat, sodium, sugar, and additives in your […]

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Washing an apple in the sink.

A Guide for Best Produce Washing Practices

— By Kayla Parsons, MS, RDN, Ph.D. Student, University of Maine Cooperative Extension Eating a diet filled with various fruits and vegetables has many health benefits, but produce should always be washed prior to eating. Consuming unwashed produce can cause foodborne illness, such as E. Coli, Listeria, and Salmonella. Washing produce is quick, it takes […]

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Vegetables on a cutting board

Ask EFNEP: Vegetable Stock

— By Alice Cantrell, EFNEP Community Education Assistant – Somerset County, ME Making your own stock to use in cooking is a great habit to get into. Not only will you be reducing food waste but also creating a healthy base that is widely versatile for many recipes. You can avoid throwing away your onion […]

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Strawberry Dessert

Prebiotics and Probiotics

— By Kayla Parsons, MS, RDN, Ph.D. Student, University of Maine Cooperative Extension Prebiotics and probiotics play an important role in benefiting our gut health. Gut health refers to the health of our gut microbiome—the bacteria that lines our digestive tract. Some of the types of bacteria in our gut microbiome are good for our […]

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Collage of cabbage, tomatoes, and conning jars.

How to Plan Your Garden for Canning and Preserving

— By Kate McCarty, Food Systems Professional, University of Maine Cooperative Extension Planting a Preserving Garden Early spring is a great time to plan your garden for the upcoming season. This year, plan to grow a little extra so you can preserve fresh vegetables for later use. Plan ahead and plant vegetables that are easy […]

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