woman planting seeds; photo by Edwin Remsberg

Selected Readings and Content

UMaine Extension Bulletins

UMaine Extension Videos

Additional Resources

Master Gardener Volunteer Training

Core Competencies

At the end of these sessions you will be able to articulate and explain:

  • The basic techniques and reasons for vegetative (asexual) propagation of plants including division, layering, cuttings and grafting
  • The basic techniques and reasons for seedage (sexual) propagation of plants
  • The parts of a seed and the environmental factors necessary for germination and growing on
  • Potential seedling diseases
  • An understanding of the role that containers, growing medium and fertilization play in plant propagation
  • The processes of hardening off and transplanting seedlings
  • The basics of seed saving and storage

Practical Skills Gained and Strengthened

  • How to successfully perform (and grow on) at least one vegetative propagation technique.
  • How to successfully perform proper seeding technique
  • How to harden off transplant seedlings