Volunteer Benefits


Build and manage the UMaine Extension Master Gardener Development Fund and associated accounts to strengthen Master Gardener Volunteer trainings and educational outreach projects statewide.

As an active member of the Board, you will have the opportunity to

  • earn Master Gardener Volunteer hours for Board-related volunteer work,
  • develop and expand personal relationships with UMaine Extension staff and other volunteer leaders in Master Gardener programming statewide,
  • gain valuable experience and insights in fundraising and endowments,
  • practice and refine multi media communication and leadership skills,
  • support the creative development of a statewide educational program with all its opportunities and challenges,
  • gain an understanding of the University of Maine and UMaine Cooperative Extension framework, under which the MGV program operates, and
  • learn about the diversity of MGV projects, opportunities and participants.

This results in a vibrant, creative, accessible and sustainable Master Gardener Volunteers program statewide.