Master Gardener Development Board Member Job Description

Location & Time Commitment

Meeting locations vary and are based on consensus. We aim to find a central location to minimize travel for all members. The group typically meets in-person (during safe travel seasons) 2-3 times and via phone/videoconference 2-3 times annually. In-person meetings are usually 3-4 hours and phone/video meetings are typically up to 2 hours. Voluntary subcommittee duties will result in a greater time commitment as needed.

Terms are for three years and membership is limited to two consecutive three year terms unless approved by a majority of the board.


The purpose of the UMaine Extension MGDB is to raise awareness and funds to:

  1. Support and expand the volunteer work and community outreach projects of Master Gardener Volunteers.
  2. Support and assist the Master Gardener Volunteer program on a statewide basis.
  3. Identify and develop funding sources to increase accessibility and opportunity for Master Gardener Volunteers to learn in a supportive environment.


Board members must be enrolled and active UMaine Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Volunteers or Extension staff. All board members share a passion for the Master Gardener Volunteer program and a desire to see it grow and succeed in Maine through direct involvement in increasing funding.


Board members are expected to actively participate in regular meetings and serve on subcommittees and ad hoc groups as relevant to the work of the board. Meeting topics often include financial updates, fundraising strategies/opportunities, donor acknowledgement, requests for project/program support, and public outreach. Specific responsibilities of each member will be based on their interests, skills and schedule. For example, a member with public speaking skills may spend time promoting the Master Gardener Development Board to potential donors or other stakeholders.

The Master Gardener Development Board is a 100% giving board. Therefore, members are expected to donate money to the fund. The amount of the donation is determined by the member and is fully appreciated at whatever amount is provided.  


Extension staff will be available to help board members develop strategies to meet the board goals while also assisting with navigating UMaine policies and procedures.


As an active member of the Board, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Earn MGV hours for Board-related volunteer work;
  • Develop and expand personal relationships with UMaine Extension staff and other volunteer leaders in Master Gardener programming statewide;
  • Gain valuable experience and insights in fundraising and endowments;
  • Practice and refine multi-media communication and leadership skills;
  • Support the creative development of a statewide educational program with all its opportunities and challenges;
  • Gain an understanding of the University of Maine and UMaine Cooperative Extension framework, under which the MGV program operates; and
  • Learn about the diversity of MGV projects, opportunities and participants.

This results in a vibrant, creative, accessible and sustainable Master Gardener Volunteers program statewide.


Caragh Fitzgerald, Kate Garland and Kathy Hopkins