Purpose Statement and Goals


Build and manage the UMaine Extension Master Gardener Development Fund and associated accounts to strengthen Master Gardener Volunteer Program trainings and educational outreach projects statewide.

2019 Goals:

  • Fund through a grant application process, Master Gardener Volunteer projects with a dedicated maximum of $500 per project ($2,000 total allocation).
  • Evaluate restructuring the statewide “Grow it Right” fundraiser and education program.
  • Expenditures will not be limited by earnings within a fiscal year. (Note this is a change from prior year goals.)
  • Maintain $20,000 minimum balance in the operating accounts (Development Fund and Fundraising account).
  • Identify at least one corporate or private sponsor to support MGDB work.
  • Continue to build working relationship with all members of the Home Hort Program Leadership Team.
  • Recruit and orient additional volunteers to the Board.
  • Inform every new UMaine Extension Master Gardener Volunteer candidate about the Fund.
  • Invite all active UMaine Extension Master Gardener Volunteers and alumni to contribute to the Fund.
  • Recognize outgoing board members with a certificate signed by Dean Carter.
  • Continue to strengthen the Master Gardener Development Board website and MGV Toolkit.

rev 12/16/18