Step 5: Can I Take a Soil Test to Check for PFAS in My Garden?

Before testing:

If you want to take your own soil sample for PFAS, there are some things you should know:

  • The UMaine Soil Lab does not currently test for PFAS.
  • Instructions for collecting and submitting your own soil sample are available from the Maine Department of Environmental Protection: visit A Home Owners Guide to Soil Sampling for PFAS. The cost is around $400 – $500 per sample.
  • For help reading your PFAS soil test results, Appendix E and Appendix F of the Guide to Investigating PFAS Risk on Your Farm (UMaine Extension Agriculture). Please keep in mind that there are no health-based soil guidelines to compare your results against. So, interpreting your results will be tricky.
To direct questions to University of Maine Cooperative Extension, please email:

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