At Greenland Point, our primitive skills campers stay at a remote wooded campsite nestled on the forested peninsula. The schedule is a bit more relaxed in that our day is structured to the rhythm of the natural world.  Imagine the thrill of waking up to the sound of birds greeting the day or the gentle wash of the rocky shoreline,  from your comfortable shelter that you built from natural materials!  During your week, your small band of companions will live and work in the forest learning the “Order of Survival.” You will learn and practice making “friction fire” with a bow drill, gathering wild edibles, tracking wildlife, and using natural materials to thrive in the woods. Lunches are served in the dining hall, and breakfasts and dinners may be prepared right at your campsite! You will soon become attuned to the cycles of nature by practicing the skills and earth-based wisdom of native peoples. Come prepared to immerse yourself in the experience of living closely with the earth without the distractions of technology.

Our primitive skills campers will still enjoy many of the camp activities that are available at Greenland Point such as swimming, campfire and our traditional Thursday night cookout!

cooking in a cast iron skillet
Camper in a debris shelter
Campers whittle kindling