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Hay Directory

Be cautious of hay scams.
There have been numerous attempts by fraudulent hay buyers.

Visit Maine Attorney General’s site for notices


          The Directory is organized alphabetically by county then town.


          Email us with updates or if sold out


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Listed Alphabetically by County, then Town
County Updated Forage Package & Amounts Contact Information Certified Organic?
Androscoggin August 2018
Square bales of mixed grasses off fertilized fields. Hay suitable for horses, cattle or sheep from fields in Durham and Yarmouth.  Pick up off the trailer in field $4 a bale.   Mulch hay available as well.    Call with your needs.  Local delivery may be possible.
Chandler Stream Farm
James Christensen
1481 Hallowell Rd
Durham ME 04222
Androscoggin August 2018 2nd Crop hay from fertilized fields $3.75 per bale off trailer Ford Hill Farm
Robert Jones
716 Park St
Livermore Falls ME 04254
Androscoggin July 2018 2018 first crop hay for $4.00 per sq. bale. And second will be available in August at $5.00 per bale. Discount of.50 cents per bale if picked up at the field. Lee-side Farm
Tim Lee
368 Turkey Ln
Livermore ME 04253
Androscoggin August 2018

2018 first cut hay available for $4.50 per bale. 100 plus mulch bales, $2.50 each.

Cyr Farms
James Cyr
175 Diamond Rd
Livermore Falls ME  04254
Androscoggin April 2016 1st & 2nd crop hay available. Square & rounds bales available. Square bales are $5 & $6. 1st crop round bales $65. Volume discounts & delivery available if needed.  Pricing upon request. Harvest Hill Farms
Peter Bolduc
RT 26
Mechanic Falls ME 04256
Androscoggin August 2018


Mulch hay, square bales only $3/bale if picked up at the farm, $4/bale delivered!

Feed hay, square bales $5/bale

Both composed of mixed grasses from multiple fields in Minot.

Free delivery within 40 miles, further delivery can be arranged.

Our farm is a generational establishment run by experienced farmers for 50+ years. Our hay is of good quality and available in all increments. We thank you for your continued support in what we do.
Bridgham Farm
Harold Bridgham
307 Center Minot Hill Rd
Minot ME 04258
Androscoggin December 2017 Hay Bales – $4.50/bale
While we do not deliver, we do offer trailers for you to use to transport the hay to your location if needed.
We are here to serve you and your hay needs. Our goal is to provide you with excellent quality hay, service, and to build a long term relationship. We do accept preorders with a small deposit. Preorders are limited to a certain amount, so please call for more details.
Carolin Farm
Peter Ferland
Dunn Rd
Poland, ME 04256
Androscoggin July 2018 2018 Hay square and round 4×4 bales we do a excess of 65.000 bales a year on fertilized soil tested fields our hay is guaranteed to your Satisfaction delivery Available in 500 bale loaded.

$4.25 to square bales and $45 for round bales. 500 bale trailer load delivers

Ferland Farm
Scott Ferland
224 W Hardscrabble Rd
Poland ME 04256
207.754.8697 Scott
207.402.0477 Maggie
Androscoggin November 2018 Davis Farm has both square and round bales from fertilized fields. 1st and 2nd cut available. Timothy clover mix – no weeds. All stored under cover – good for horses, cows, sheep and goats. Will load round bales directly onto your truck or trailer. Discounts offered for larger quantities. Payment expected at the time of purchase. Sorry, Delivery not available.As of 10/22/18, we have the following on hand and price per bale:

5,000 1st cut square bales $4
Limited supply of 2nd cut square bales $6
400 1st cut round bales (twine wrapped) $50
160 2nd cut round bales (net wrapped) $60

Davis Farm
Jerry Davis
308 Crowley Rd
Sabattus ME 04280
Androscoggin  September 2018 High quality June 1st crop $4/bale
Nice 2nd crop at $ 4.50/bale
Mulch hay for $ 3.25/bale
High quality haylage in 2 bunker silosQuantity discounts available!20-25 acres of standing corn also to be sold! Arrange pick up at farm.We have consistently produced quality feed for dairy for almost 100 years! This feed is produced on fertilized, soil tested fields. Past winner of the Maine Farm Days quality forage award!!
Waterman Farms Inc.
Peter Waterman
840 Sabattus Rd
Sabattus ME 04280
Androscoggin August 2018
Horse quality first and second cut square bales of mixed grasses from fertilized fields.
Delivery available.
Clay Brook Farms
William or Vicky Varney
126 N Parish Rd
Turner, ME 04282
Aroostook January 2017 We have horse quality small square bales of hay delivered anywhere in New England! Please call for details. We also offer premium clover baleage excellent for dairy cows or deer.

Delivery available anywhere in New England!

We offer both certified organic and conventional hay.

Bindar Farms
Adam Bindar
267 Montieth Rd
Bridgewater ME 04735
Aroostook  October 2016 Dry and round bales
Tom Drew
Caribou, ME 04736
Aroostook September 2018 Timothy 4×4 foot rounds, average 565 lbs each. Net wrapped and under cover since baling.
Delivery negotiable, contact us. 14 bale minimum load.
Green Anchor Farm
Cindy Green
2000 US Hwy 1
Cary Plt ME 04471
Aroostook July 2018 Sold Out GHF
Timothy Gillotti
1244 Dyer Brook Rd
Dyer Brook ME 04747
Aroostook August 2018 First cut hay. Cut end of June and early July. 4×4 round bales. Timothy, clover and mixed grasses, stored in the barn. Nice quality stuff MooShine Cattle Co
Lizz McLaughlin
1048 Dyer Brook Rd
Dyer Brook ME 04747
Aroostook January 2017 1st cut and 2nd cut Timothy in 40lb squares
Straw in Square bales intrailer loads
4 x 5 Rounds
Call or email for pricing
Ouellette Farm
Jim Ouellette
118 Aroostook Falls Rd
Fort Fairfield ME 04742
207.540.8009 or 207.476.5460
Aroostook August 2018 Sold Out Mt. Ash Farm and Cattle Co
Dave Potter
939 Charette Hill Rd
Fort Kent, ME 04743
Aroostook August 2018 Timothy grass mix
I have over 40,000 bales
Also have mulch and straw.
Sold by tractor trailer loads, call for pricing
LaPlante Farms
Pierre LaPlante
1303 Hamlin Rd
Hamlin (Van Buren), ME 04785
Aroostook December 2017 Excellent Timothy hay 4×4 round bales stored inside  $35  or delivered anywhere in Maine for $55  minim load 46 bales Winship Farms
Dave Winship
128 Winship Rd
Houlton ME 04730
Aroostook  October 2016 5 X 5 ROUND BALES. Tightly wrapped. Put under cover the day of baling. Cut 1st and 2nd week of July . $60 per bale Lincoln Farms
Randy Lincoln
1104 White Settlement Rd
Houlton ME 04730
Aroostook August 2018 4×4 round net wrapped, stored undercover, 1st cut available $40/bale.  We will have 2nd cut square and round in September.

Sold out of 2018 1st cut square hay.

Call for pricing.

Russell Farm
Randy Russell
2168 Bangor Rd
Linneus, ME 04730
Aroostook August 2018 Sold Out Arledge Farm
Fred Arledge
354 Carson Rd
Littleton ME 04730
Aroostook August 2018  

Certified Organic
160 +/-  4×4 Dairy quality Timothy and Timothy/Clover mix, mid-low moisture baleage. Individually wrapped. Not a drop of rain on it. Will have dry-cow/heifer quality wrapped bales as well. Started cutting 22 June. Wrapped and Stacked ready to go.  $50 / Bale piecemeal.  $45 /bale for all.

200 wrapped Round Bales available  Late July, More as time progresses. Dairy Quality. $40/bale piecemeal.  Take them all and I’ll make you a deal. Call for More info

John Blackstone Beef
John Blackstone
371 Nutting Rd
Perham ME 04766
Cumberland August 2015 Sold out for now Ring Farm
Marian Rabe
551 Upper Ridge Rd
Bridgton, ME 04009
Cumberland November 2015 Medium size unused field. Needs mowing to keep it from growing very small trees. Marjorie Wintle
564 Quaker Ridge Rd
South Casco ME 04077
 Cumberland September 2018 Have early summer round bales for sale. 4×4. Dry. Covered. $40.

Can deliver within reasonable distance for fee.

Breezy Knoll Farm
David Smith
162 Mighty Rd
Gorham ME 04038
Cumberland  December 2017 Hay Bales – $4.50/bale
While we do not deliver, we do offer trailers for you to use to transport the hay to your location if needed.We are here to serve you and your hay needs. Our goal is provide you with excellent quality hay, service, and to build a long term relationship.We do accept preorders with a small deposit. Preorders are limited to a certain amount, so please call for more details.
Silver Leaf Farms
Peter Ferland
Westcott Rd
Gorham ME 04038
Cumberland October 2015 1st and 2nd crop hay available, all bales are timothy and orchard grass mixes and weigh 40+/- pounds McNeally Farms
Enid McNeally
20 Carll Lane
Gorham, ME 04038
207.892.9660 or 207.592.0060
Cumberland August 2015 Small bales will be available at our farm in Harrison after July 1. Fields are fertilized with natural products. The first crop has a crude protein content of about 10% and a complete analysis is available.” Price is $4.50/bale off the wagon or from the barn. Call after June 1. Weston Farms
John Watkins
100 Weston Farm Rd
Harrison, ME 04040
Cumberland August 2015 Mixed grass hay, square bales. Delivery available at extra charge. Stored in dry barns. Morgan Hill Farm
Laird McClure
44 Morgan Hill Rd
New Gloucester, ME 04260
Cumberland June 2018 Hay for sale out of the fields in Sebago, Baldwin, Limington. Square bales $4.00, round bales $50.00. Call to be placed on list to be notified when we are haying. Square bales out of the barn available anytime $6.00. Wentworth Farm
Jessica Wentworth
North Baldwin ME 04024
Cumberland August 2018 Sold Out Royal River Meadows
Amanda O’Connor
Mill Rd
N Yarmouth ME 04097
Cumberland June 2017 Certified Organic first cut hay. Excellent top quality for horses or any kind of dairy. We raise organic poultry on the fields for the rest of the season and our soil is Sandy loam so the quality is excellent. $4 bale off the field for 50 bales or more. Limited time frame on availability. Serendipity Acres
Jules Fecteau
140 W Pownal Rd
N Yarmouth ME 04097
Cumberland July 2016 2016 First and second cut. Baling both a heavy Timothy mix and separate fields of reeds canary- excellent for cattle. Second cut may be available.
Large square bales piled in fields. Discounts for large quantities. Delivery available.
Tall Pinea Farm
Stephanie Moffatt
73 Savage Rd
Richmond ME 04357
Cumberland September 2018 First crop $5
Second crop $6
Delivery possible within 15 miles, 25 bale minimum
David Burnham
56 County Rd
Scarborough ME 04074
207.730.1189 between 6am – 9pm
Cumberland August 2018 Still making hay.  4×4 wrapped or dry bales.  $45 each. Phillip View Farm
Alan Greene
723 Bridgton Rd
Sebago ME 04029
Franklin December 2017 Certified organic hay
Meadow mix of timothy, orchard grass and clover
4×4 round bales
Delivery possible; call for prices.
Marble’s Family Farm
Richard Marble
853 Holley Rd
Farmington, ME 04938
207.491.6166 cell
Franklin  August 2018

Square Bales – $5 first crop, $6 second crop
$45 first crop 4×4 Baelage
$50 second crop 4×4 Baelage
$50 first crop 4×4 dry round
$60 second crop 4×4 dry round
$50 a ton for corn silage

Balsam Acres Farm
Jon Butterfield
197 Industry Rd
New Sharon ME 04955
Franklin August 2018 Sold Out Rothschild Farm
Wendy Fleming
218 Tory Hill Rd
Phillips, ME 04966
Hancock August 2018 Square Bales in field $4 a bale, 4 x 4 1/2 Round Bales in field $50 in field, Mulch Hay in field $3 a bales.

Delivery available, priced by quantity and distance

Call or email for pricing & more info

Young’s Farm
Marijo Young
364 Eastbrook Rd
Franklin ME 04634
Hancock  August 2018 Sold Out Salt Run Farm
Ben Gifford
119 Bridges Point Rd
Penobscot ME 04476
Kennebec August 2018 Sold Out Griffin Family Farm
David Griffin
178 East Benton Rd
Albion, ME 04910
Kennebec August 2018 Organic 1st, 2nd and 3rd crop round bales. Dry hay. All bales are wrapped even though the hay is dry because I have no barn, the bales are lighter than balege, and it preserves the quality. Bullridge Farms
Henry Perkins
156 Bog Rd
Albion, ME 04910
Kennebec August 2018

New first crop 2018 dry hay available

4 x 4.5 tight bales stored indoors $50 each

2nd crop dry round bales indoors  $60.00 each  horse quality

Delivery available

Austin Farms
David Austin
567 Winslow Rd
Albion, ME 04910
Kennebec August 2018  

Currently sold out

Longmeadows Farm
Xandy Brown
184 Unity Rd
Benton, ME 04901
Kennebec September 2018 4×5 1st crop round bales, kept inside, $50
4×4 wrapped $45
loaded at the barn
Ledgerock Farm
Mary Street
154 Dondero Rd
Chelsea ME 04330
Kennebec August 2018 Horse quality timothy mix hay. Square bales. Second cut. Call for pricing.
Limited delivery service.
Meadowmist Farm
Bart and Karen Barstis
499 Stevenstown Rd
Litchfield, ME 04350
207.462.0028 Bart
207.485.1745 Karen
Kennebec August 2018 4×5 ft round bales, timothy, orchard grass,  clover and rye. Chicken manure fields. Cut in July. $40 Jacobs Cattle Farm
Tom Jacobs
659 North Rd
Mt. Vernon ME 04352
Kennebec August 2015 In field is $4 a bale and in barn is $5 a bale.  Square bales. Pine Bluff Farms
Jeffrey Wiles
183 Pond Rd
Mount Vernon ME 04352
Kennebec August 2018
Timothy and clover. Quality is excellent.
30lb+  square bales – limited quantities 1st crop.
Call for pricing.

Hornbeam Mountain Farm
Scott Herrick
529 Bean Rd
Mount Vernon, ME 04352
December 2015 Sold out Symplicity Farm
Dave and Becky Symes
605 Nash Rd
Pittston, ME 04345
Kennebec October 2018 Sold Out of Feed Hay for 2018 Moulton Farms
William Moulton
123 Moulton Rd
Pittston, ME 04345
Kennebec August 2015

Feed hay available as weather permits.

MacDonald Enterprises
Clarence MacDonald
518 Wiscasset Rd
Pittston, ME 04345
207.582.6590 or 207.215.8150 cell
Kennebec August 2017 Dry hay small squares & 4×4 rounds. Squares are $3.50 out of field or $4.50 out of barn. Rounds are $30 out of field or $40 out of barn.

Will deliver squares for $5.50/bale within reasonable distance minimum order of 100. Will deliver Rounds for $35/bale with a minimum order of 11 bales.

Prescott Haying
Patrick Prescott
544 Main St
Readfield ME 04355
Kennebec August 2018 First cut hay available
Square – $4/bale
Round 4×4 at $30/baleWe do not have Second cut hay available yet for square or round.Easy access to barn for loading.
Pare Farms LLC
Roger Pare
560 Cross Hill Rd
Vassalboro ME 04989
Kennebec September 2018 $4.00 for square $40 for 4×4 round, all in barn.

2nd crop hay $4.50 per square bale

Joe and Adele Suga
861 Cross Hill Rd
Vassalboro, ME 04989
Kennebec December 2017 Lots of 4×4 balage as well as 4×5 dry hay, both first and second cut. Hayman Farm
Don Eskelund
189 Heywood Rd
Winslow, ME 04901
Kennebec August 2018 Good horse quality hay. Square bales. Timothy/clover mix. Large quantities available Dorr Pond Farm
Jay Hussey
7 Harland Rd
Windsor, ME 04363
Knox March 2017 Sold Out Ralph C. Pearse & Sons Inc.
Christopher Pearse
662 Barnestown Rd
Hope ME 04847
Knox July 2018 1st cut off newly planted fields. Mix of clover, timothy, orchard grass, & some alfalfa. ~750 bales available. $5 a bale at the barn. Skidmore Farms
Cody Lorentzen
378 Skidmore Rd
Union ME 04862
Knox October 2018 Sold out for the year until June/July of 2019 7-Tree Farm
Ron & Matthias Hawes
2179 Heald Hwy
Union, ME 04862
207.691.2617 Ron daytime only
207.691.2647 Matthias
Knox September 2018 Cattle and horse hay, good quality

Pickup at farm

Sunnyside Farm
Charles Vincent
1527 Middle Rd
Warren ME 04864
Lincoln December 2016 Free – 3 acres of hay available for cutting and baling Hidden Acres Farm
Karyn Hidden
66 Dodge Rd
Edgecomb ME 04556
(978) 777-8747
Lincoln March 2018 Mulch and feed hay. Fine First cut hay great for horses County Fair Farm
Andy Williamson IV
423 Augusta Rd
Jefferson ME 04348
Lincoln August 2017 4×4 net wrapped solid hay bales $30
2017 baylage 4×4 $40
2016 baylage 4×5 $30
Dyers Valley Farm
Larry Russell
21 Holstein Ln
Newcastle ME 04553
Oxford December 2017
4×5 Baleage 2nd Crop Dairy Quality $40
1st crop $35
Delivery available
Flood Zone Farm
Carl Lueders
14 Maxwell Farm Rd
Canton ME 04221
Oxford December 2017
Second cut crop for sale.
$5.00 until January.
300 available.
Springmont Farm
Brad Littlefield
348 Bridgton Rd
Fryeburg ME 04037
Oxford August 2018
MOFGA Certified Organic Hay – 5 foot rounds or small squares
In the barn near Bethel Maine.
Delivery available for a fee
Pleasant River Farms
Dean Richmond
166 Smith Farm Rd
Mason Township ME 04217
Oxford September 2018
2nd CUT 2018. Fertilized fields Currently $6/bale off hay wagon. See our web
Delivery possible for extra charge. 100 to 225 bales / load
Destiny Hill Farm
David Twitchell
157 Sam Rowe Hill Rd
Oxford, ME 04270
Oxford October 2015 Hay is either spoken for or already sold Thurston Family Farms
Wayne Thurston
45 Mineral Springs Rd
Peru, ME 04290
Oxford August 2018 4×4 round bales for sale. We have June cut first crop and July cut 2nd crop. The 1st crop is $45 at the barn. The 2nd crop is $50 at the barn. We can deliver for a $5 per bale. Roanne Farm
Robert Cameron
349 S Rumford Rd
Rumford ME 04276
Oxford July 2018 Square & round horse hay available. Taking orders for squares off the wagon at a discount. Bill Haynes
177 Sweden Rd
Waterford, ME 04088
Penobscot December 2017 2017 1st cut Timothy, orchard grass mix square bales stored in barn

Pick up in Bangor

Davis Farm
George Adams
142 Kittredge Rd
Bangor ME 04401
Penobscot February 2015 We have first crop small square, round and big square bales available. We also have a small amount of second crop in small square and round. Three Moons Farm
Gary Mullen
PO Box 8199
Bangor, ME 04402
 Penobscot  December 2017 1st crop 4×4 round bales 2017
1st crop small square bales 2017
corn silage 2017
haylage 2017Picked up at farm or delivered throughout Maine 300 to 650 bale loads YEAR AROUND SALES
Maple Lane Farms
Barry Higgins
222 Charleston Rd
Charleston ME 04422
Penobscot August 2018 Organic hay available.  $40 per bale 1st cut and $50/bale 2nd cut Clovercrest Farm
Steve Morrison
159 Atkinson Rd
Charleston, ME 04422
Penobscot August 2018 4×4 First Crop Round Bales
4×4 Second Crop Round Bales
2nd Crop small squares
4×4 3rd crop Alfalfa round bales
1st and second crop wrapped haylage bales grass mixes as well as clover!We deliver statewide/east coast. Can deliver up to 41 rounds per load. Squares delivered from 50 to 738 bales per trip.
CnC Ranch
Corey Quinn
232 Bowden Rd
Corinna ME 04928
Penobscot April 2018 Large round bales 115.00
small round bale 45.00,
Local delivery may be available within 10 mile of hay, call for prices.
G.E. Hicks Dairy Farm
Terry / Julie Hicks
121 Beans Mill rd
Corinth, Maine 04427
Penobscot August 2018 All hay is spoken for. Speed Farm
Rick Speed
235 Garland Rd
Corinth ME 04427
Penobscot January 2016 Sold out Top of Maine Farm
Fred Sherburne
33 Town Farm Rd
Dexter ME 04930
Penobscot August 2015 4000 square bales 200 Dry round bales and 400 baggage bales Hidden Acre Farm
Brent Grover
540 Old County Rd
Etna, ME 04434
Penobscot August 2015 1st and 2nd Crop Hay
Fertilized and Limed Fields
Taking Orders for 2015 Cuttings.100 Bale Min.
Delivery Fee Amount Depends on Distance Traveled
Breezy Acres Farm
Gena Fernald
27 Ave. Rd. Ext.
Exeter ME 04435
 Penobscot August 2018
MOFGA certified organic, excellent quality square bales available. Great for horses, goats and dairy. We give large volume discounts and delivery is available.

Chalet Farms, LLC
Chad & Lea Thornwall
137 Sawyer Rd
Hampden ME 04444

Penobscot January 2018 Sold Out Katahdin View Farm
Steve Treadwell
121 Miller Rd
Hampden ME 04444
Penobscot August 2015 You hay, you take! Great soil, great field. Not certified organic however no chemicals used/spread. Would love a rescue or farm in need hay the field. I need 200 bales for my donkeys, the rest to whomever hays. Please email if interested. Lazy Ass Farm
Sarah Novak
1211 Kennebec Rd
Hampden ME 04444
Penobscot February 2017 Lg square bales./3000 available @ $4.00 each

U pick up.

Jordan’s Farms
Harold Jordan
300 South Chester Rd
Lincoln ME 04457
Penobscot May 2015 We have square bales of feed and mulch hay Glidden Farm
Jon Glidden
74 Station Rd
Millinocket ME 04462
Penobscot December 2017 When available, feed and mulch hay (square bales) are for sale at the barn.   For info on price and availability, visit
It is easiest to reach us by email in the summer.   Please contact us to set up a time to come by.
Rock Island Farm
Hetty Richardson
431 Main St
Orono, ME 04473
Penobscot October 2015 First crop hay available, all bales are pure timothy and weigh +/- 40lbs. McNeally Farms
Enid McNeally
540 North Rd
Patten, ME 04765
207.892.9660 or 207.592.0060
Penobscot August 2015 1st and 2nd cutting timothy, red clover and orchard grass.
4×5 round bales for sale $35.00 each Delivery can be arranged; price depends on distance.
Mycroft & Son
Bob Mycroft
218 Happy Corner Rd
Patten, ME 04765
Penobscot August 2017
3,500 square bales stored undercover before the prices of squares.
Second crop hay available – call for details.
Cedar Valley Farm
Robert & Louise Guptill
606 Happy Corner Rd
Patten, ME 04765
Cell/Robert 538.0158
Cell/Louise 538.0157
Penobscot September 2018 Square bales of 2018 second crop mixed grass – hay has been nutrient tested. Mr. Sunshine Acres
Scott Bruns
733 Mount Pleasant Rd
Stetson ME 04488
Penobscot December 2017 100 bales of mulch hay stored in dry barn loft. $3.00 per bale

Pick up only

Fancy Meadows Farm, LLC
Ann or Mike Kenny
2 Highview Terr
Veazie ME 04401
Penobscot Augusta 2018 Timothy Hay square bales @ $3.50 per bale. 2000 bales available

Clean, dry, stored in barns

Delivery available at an extra cost. Call for details.

Lufkin Farm
Carroll Lufkin
83 Old Military Rd
Winn ME 04495
Piscataquis January 2017 Out of hay. Thank you for your business. We will be making hay again next season. Breakneck Ridge Farm
Steve Hobart
60 Mountain Rd
Blanchard Twp ME 04406
Piscataquis August 2018 Round bales 4×4 @ $38 Treadwell Farm
Hollis Treadwell
321 Schoodic Lake Rd
Brownville ME 04414
Piscataquis August 2018 Sold Out Moreno Farm
Andres Moreno
144 Anderson Rd
Dover-Foxcroft, ME 04426
Piscataquis June 2016 First cut hay, square bales $3.75 out of barn, $3.50 off wagons

Round bales $40.00

No delivery available

Patten Farm
Donald Patten
191 River Rd
Milo ME 04463
Piscataquis  April 2018  1st crop hay cut & baled the last weekend of July. $3.50 per bale Gilbert Farm
Tina Gilbert
552 N Dexter, Dexter Rd.
Parkman ME 04443
Piscataquis October 2018

2018 Hay Sold Out!

Our family thanks you for your support.

We moved 2000 small square bales this year!

Harlow Pond Farm
Ed Wanat
96 Harlow Pond Rd
Parkman ME 04443
Piscataquis August 2015 Hay out of field, square bales, Timothy and clover, $3.00 per bale.  Mulch hay available, $2.00 per bale. Kulas Farms
Bill Kulas
15 Kulas Rd
Parkman, Maine 04443
Piscataquis September 2018 Third crop hay, big bales. Good for goats, calves, older horses with limited teeth. Will go fast. $6.00 per bale inside. Baled second week in Sept. Second crop is “sold out” Ruland Farm
Bill & Mary Santoro
495 State Hwy 150
Parkman, ME 04443
Sagadahoc October 2015 Bales, rectangular about 40lbs mixture of pasture grasses, first and second cut Rocky Ridge Orchard
Frederick Sprague
38 Rocky Ridge Ln
Bowdoin ME 04287
Sagadahoc August 2018 First cut hay $4 out of the wagon and $5 out of the barn. Second crop $5 out of the wagon. Round bale horse hay $55 out of the barn. Still baling. Brooks Beef and Hay
Mike Brooks
546 West Burrough Rd
Bowdoin, ME 04287
Sagadahoc September 2018 Square bales off wagon $3.75 – out of barn $4.00 – 3 x 4 round bales $30.00 Do not have ability for delivery prefer to sell off wagon but can store both square and round if you place order on amount. McIver Farm
Arlene McIver
526 West Burrough Rd
Bowdoin, ME 04287
Sagadahoc August 2018 Sold Out Sandelin Farm
Harold Sandelin
82 Old Augusta Rd
Topsham ME 04086
Sagadahoc June 2016 All natural 1st Cut Hay for Sale.
Square bales of mixed grasses off fertilized fields.
Just baled and in the barn.
Great horse hay with no weeds.
Horses, lamas and alpacas love it…and goats too!Horse hay: $5.00 per bale
Cow hay: $3.00 per bale (not mulch)
Mulch hay: $3.00Call or text Larry at: 207-837-2202

Oak Hill Farm
Larry & Hollie Paul
49 Touassic Ln
Woolwich ME 04579

Somerset January 2016 Sold out Foss Farm
Nathaniel Foss
124 Hartland Rd
Athens ME 04912
Somerset  July 2016 High quality timothy mix hay, suitable for horses, cattle, and small ruminates. You pick up.

Three years organic managed. Certification pending.

Larrabee Farm
Anthony Larrabee
174 Norridgewock Rd
Fairfield Center ME 04937
Somerset August 2018 Square bales, please call ahead Harmony Farms
Jeffry Thomas
253 Athens Rd
Harmony ME 04942
Somerset September 2017 Timothy/clover/native grass
Excellent horse forage put up in 4×4 (450#) double net wrapped bales from fertilized and maintained home fields.200 first crop June crop bales available300 2nd crop bales availableDelivery available at extra cost
Hubbard Enterprises
Dale Hubbard
2200 Athens Rd
Hartland ME 04943
207.938.4219 home
207-299.4262 cell
Somerset August 2018 Sold Out Gale Marshall
240 E Madison Rd
Madison, ME 04950
Somerset July 2016 Beautiful horse quality first and second crop Timothy/Clover mix. Primarily in 2 string sisal twine small square bales with round bales available if pre arranged.

Local Customers can arrange for in field pick up at a discounted rate otherwise you can pick up from the barn or delivery to your farm is available for an additional fee.

Heritage Farms has been producing horse quality hay for 15+ years and has been involved in the equine world for more than 30 years. Born and raised taking care of these animals and with 4 generations of agriculture behind us we have a keen understanding of quality, nutritious feed and won’t sell anything we wouldn’t feed to our own.

Heritage Farms
Aaron Gordon
433 Main St
Mercer ME 04957
Somerset August 2018

1000 2nd cut square $4.50/bale
150 net wrapped 4×4 round $50/bale

Organic but not certified
No chemical fertilizer applied, only chicken manure

No delivery

Carmichael Farm
Weldon Carmichael
190 Wilder Hill Rd
Norridgewock ME 04957
Somerset August 2018

2018 First cut hay $4/bale out of the barn.

Second cut hay $4.50/bale out of the wagon, or $5/bale out of the barn. Call or text for availability.

Fields are organically managed, without certification.

Delivery available.

Wilder Hill Farm
Marc Collard
588 Wilder Hill Rd
Norridgewock ME 04957
Somerset October 2016 60-70 lb bales of second crop $8.00-9.00 a bale depending on distance 120-160 to a load 500 available

Delivery only – anywhere in maine

Merry Beef & Logging
John Merry
Palmyra ME 04965
Somerset December 2017 Horse hay square and round timothy and native grasses.
Delivery available at extra cost.
Beem Farm
Gary Beem
151 Oxbow Rd
Palmyra, ME 04965
Somerset August 2018 Timothy, Clover and Orchard Grass mix, large tightly packed square bales.

First Crop $4 a bale, Second Crop $5.50 a bale. We’ve had very positive feed back from horse and goat owners! Our dairy goats absolutely love our hay!

Delivery available. Priced by quantity and distance. Contact us FMI,

Melody Ridge Farm Hillary
Hillary Clewley
428 Cannan Rd
Pittsfield ME 04967
Somerset December 2015 Sold Out Windy Hollow Farms
Philip Connolly
1659 Main St
Pittsfield ME 04967
Somerset September 2017 Dry hay 4’x5′ round bales and
4’x4′ round bales.
Pick up at farm.
Good quality hay, firm bales!
Broadcrest Farm
Andrew Sevey
470 West Ripley Rd
Ripley ME 04930
Somerset September 2016 4×4 round bales dry hay, undercoverWrapped silage bales Ballard Farm
Stephanie and Bruce Ballard
517 Palmyra Rd
St Albans ME 04971
Somerset August 2018

Good quality forage hay for sale. Also mulch hay. 45 to 50 pound square bales. We do not deliver hay.

Email or call for availability and pricing.

Hyltun Farm
Ernie & Gwen Hilton
8 Old Ferry Rd
Starks, ME 04911
207.399.9866 or 207.399.8699
Waldo July 2017 Excellent 1st cut coming out of the field on 6/22/2017.
$3.75/bale for 200+ out of the field
$4.00/bale for less than 200. $5.00/bale out of the barn.Due to the drought last year we never got a second cut from this field. The first cut from this field last year provided our Icelandic sheep and alpacas with great nutrition all winter.No delivery
Good Karma Farm
Jim Grant
67 Perkins Rd
Belfast ME 04915
Waldo January 2017 200 lb. square bales come Spring
$5.00 per bale. No Delivery Available – Pick Up Only @ 52 Poors Mill Rd by appointment only. The farmhouse is leased to Sheila Gatcomb. Do not come if you have not first made an appointment to pick up the hay bales with Robert Toran at 617-894-7380 so that the farmhouse tenant may receive proper advance notice that you will be coming to get the hay with a truck. This requirement is imperative and any trespassing upon the property will be reported to the police. Thank you for your cooperation.
Meadowbrook Farm
Robert Toran
Farm Address: 52 Poors Mill Rd
Belfast ME 04915
Owner’s Summer Address:
292 Main Rd Islesboro ME 04848
617.894.7380 or 207.734.8174
Waldo August 2018 Sold Out Roaring Acres Farm
William Hegstrom
167 Reynolds Rd
Brooks, ME 04921
Waldo April 2017 We currently have 200 first crop square bales available @ $4 per bale and 50 wrapped balage @ $30 per bale. You pick up. Local delivery available. Royal View Farm
Ronanne Haigh
Brooks, ME 04921
Waldo August 2015 All hay is spoken for Wentworth Hill Farms
Lance Oliver
21 Wentworth Hill
Brooks, ME 049211
207.322.3081 or 207.722.3349
Waldo August 2018 4×4 rounds, $30 in the field, $35 in the barn. Also a limited quantity of squares at $4.00 each. Fields have been reseeded within the last two years. Prairie Hill Farm
Mel Lidstone
413 S Horseback Rd
Burnham ME 04922
Waldo August 2015 We have normal “small” square bales of horse hay, 3x3x7 big square bales of horse hay, 4×4 round bales of horse hay and 4×4 round bales of silage. 1st, 2nd and 3rd cutting totaling over 100,000 bales. We can deliver full 18 wheeler loads to anywhere in New England. Please call or email for a quote. We also have oats, straw and corn silage available. 3D Farm Products
Marshall Daly
9 Old County Rd
Knox, ME 04986

Waldo July 2017 $4.50 for 1st cut (which has begun)
$5.50 for 2nd cut.These are for off the wagon or out of the barn.Delivery is available. We deliver within a 2 hour drive of the farm. Preferably full loads of 245 bales. Most loads are dumped gently on the ground hand unloading is available at an additional cost. Full loads of 245 bales dumped within a one hour drive with the truck are delivered for 60 cents per bale.
Knox Ridge Farm
Lee Kinney
40 Maple Ln
Knox ME 04986
Waldo November 2018 4 x 4 round hay bales – net wrapped  $40/bale
4 x 4 round baleage – $40/baleOrganic, not certified.  Fields fertilized with cow manure only – no commercial fertilizer used for over 18 years.
Clements Farm
Walter & Kenneth Clements
146 Clements Road
Monroe, ME 04951
Waldo August 2018 We have a good supply of this years 1st cutting hay. This is early cut, green, well packed bales and smells great, Your animals will love it. We also have a good supply of 2nd cutting hay available. This usually does not last long. We also guarantee quality.

We deliver for a fee. If you are close by, it isn’t much.

Halldale Farm, Inc
Glenn Couturier
938 Halldale Rd
Montville, ME 04941
207.382.3021 or 207.323.4316
Waldo September 2018  Really nice 2nd crop square bales $5 in barn3x4 round bales in barn $25

Mostly timothy and clover. Organic but not certified, no pesticides used

Call for price on delivery

End of the Road Farm
Christopher Cross
134 Cross Rd
Morrill ME 04952
 Waldo September 2018 1st cut feed hay square bales $4Mulch hay $3.50

Mostly timothy and clover.

Pickup at barn

Cross Patch Farms
Roxie Whitney
214 Robinson Schoolhouse Rd
Morrill ME 04952
Waldo January 2018
1000+ Quality first-cut square bales; $4.50 per; quantity pricing available. Barn close to road, easy to get. No delivery available.
Higgins Hill Farm
John Cox
87 Higgins Hill Rd
Morrill ME 04952
Waldo October 2015
We are sold out of hay and will update in the spring when we have more.
Have a wonderful winter!
Millie and Bemps Farm
Tim Hall
48 Fox Hollow Ln
Northport ME 04849
Waldo September 2018

Sold Out

Haskell Farm LLC
Jesse Haskell
1181 Western Ridge Rd
Palermo ME 04354
Waldo February 2018 4×5 Round Bales
Larry Ward
200 Ward Hill Rd
Thorndike ME 04986
Waldo January 2018 100 4X5 round bales of first cut dry hay stored inside. I will load and they are $80.00 each. Providers Farm
Tom Wagner
408 E Waldo Rd
Waldo ME 04915
Washington  August 2018 4×4 Round bales 1st crop – $50 2nd crop $65. Small square bales out of barn $4.50
Timothy, clover, mixed grasses. Good horse quality hay.Delivery available for fee.
Sunny Dell Acres
Ron Kilby
225 Belyea Rd
Edmunds Twp ME 04628
Washington August 2018 Sold Out Chandler River Farm
Gerry Herger
433 Station Rd
Jonesboro, ME 04648
207.904.0046 cell
Washington February 2018 4×4 silage bales off of maintained and fertilized fields. $50 each.

Delivery available in Washington County.

Grove Farms
William Newcomb
308 South Meadow Rd
Perry ME 04667
Washington August 2018 Timothy, clover, bluegrass mix

2018 hay in the barn. May still have hay available on the wagon . Hay in the barn is  $5.50 per bale.
No delivery.
We also deal in shavings and straw. Am taking orders for out of the field.

Harmon Farm
John Harmon
733 Main St
Princeton, ME 04668
York December 2017 Timothy  and clover from seeded and fertilized fields. Top quality horse hay. We also produce beautiful nutritious 2nd crop for horses, alpacas and llamas and sheep. Mulch hay can be delivered on site.

Delivery available within reasonable distance from Buxton/ Gorham area. Can deliver anywhere from 50 bales to 1,000 or more. Tractor trailers welcome.

Over 40 years producing quality horse hay.  Visit our website

Desperation Ridge Farm
Bill & Linda Fuller
29 Spruce Swamp Rd W
Buxton, ME 04093
York December 2017 Sold Out
Weymouth Farm
Harry Weymouth
909 Long Plains Rd
Buxton ME 04093
York June 2018 High (horse) quality MOFGA certified baled hay. 2018 first cut square bales $5 off the wagon or out of the field and $6 out of the barn. Small round bales available by request. Call to reserve your winter supply. Local delivery available. Carroll Family Farm
Chris and Daisey Carroll
861 Alewive Rd
Kennebunk ME 04043
York February 2017 Sold out Timber Ridge Farm
Doreen Metcalf
221 Simpson Rd
Saco ME 04072
York August 2015 Horse quality first and second cut. Fine Hay 45 lb bales, weed free. Deliver anywhere in New England. Where The Dirt Starts Farm
Aaron Lessard
136 Dennett Rd
Dayton ME 04005
York  April 2017 Sold Out Kite Hill Farm
Michael O’Connor
423 Oak Woods Rd
North Berwick ME 03906
York April 2018  

MOFGA Certified organic Hay For Sale

Square bales ~35# $5.00/bale
Round Bales 4.5’ ~10 square bales/round. $50.00/r bale

The Noon Family Sheep Farm
Jean Noon
78 Sunset Rd
Springvale, Maine 04083
York August 2018 4-4 round bales of 2018 hay from fertilized fields $45 at the farm Square bales $5 off the wagon

Can deliver min. $200 order

Spiller Farm
Bill Spiller
85 Spiller Farm Ln
Wells ME 04090
 Coos August 2018  1st cut square bales $6.25: 2nd cut square bales $7.25: Round bales 1st cut $60: 2nd cut round bales $65: Shavings – bagged 3.25 cu.ft. plastic or paper, $4 for a tractor trailer load: shavings loose call for price and green sawdust $1600. These are delivered prices. Check out Any questions, please give us a call. Ron Lyons
846 Golf Links Rd
Colebrook NH 03576
Orleans July 2016 1st cut square bales
Large quantityDelivery possibleLocated in northern Vermont
Call for pricing
Excellent horse hay or dairy feed
Robillard Brothers Farm
Seth Robillard
376 Delano Rd
Irasburg VT 05845
Fulton February 2017 We are looking to sell trailer loads of both 1st and 2nd cut hay. Our hay has been tested and the results are available upon request. The hay is 100% dry and stored immediately after it has been baled. The bales are 45 to 55 lbs and are wrapped in poly twine. The hay has been inspected and certified by the local extension agent. If Interested please contact us and well will be glad to assist. References are available.

Pick up at the farm only

John J. Zaparesky Farm LLC
Scott Silverman
185 Plantz Rd
Johnstown NY 12095
New Brunswick  December 2017 Dry timothy round bales, some 4×4, some 4×5

Individual wrapped silage, some grass silage some grass and alfalfa silage, some new seeding clover and timothy silage, all 4×4.5,

Dry round bales of straw some barley and some wheat all 4×4.5

Delivery available, also square bales of timothy hay, and straw, stored inside to be picked up Sherman Maine, taking orders now call Roger at 1-506-612-0205, thanks

Roger Parkinson
338 Campbell Settlement Rd
Woodstock NB e7m5a1
New Brunswick February 2017 1st & 2nd cut round bale hay (4×4)
34 rolls/load
1st & 2nd cut round bale haylage
1st & 2nd cut square bale hay
465 bales/load
Contact for pricing
Daniel Alexander Ltd
130 St Thomas Rd,
St Thomas NB E7P 2X5
New Brunswick August 2016 40-45 lb. small squares – mixed hay; 800 lb. 3x3x7 large square bales – mixed hay. Also available: small squares of construction hay.Large quantity of 3x3x7 straw bales available.All small square loads are approximately 800 bales. All large square loads are 57 bale loads. Delivery available to eastern US and eastern Canada. Neil Hallett & Sons
Neil Hallett
9 Johnston Rd
Lansdowne, NB E7L 4K3
506-391-5062 cell
506.375.4748 fax
New Brunswick August 2018 2nd cut round bale silage
1st cut round bale hayWe also have hay non organic round and small squares of hay and straw .I can be contacted for pricing.Delivery available 350 to 800 bale loads
Delivery Details
15 bales silage and 26 bales hay
Flemming Ag
Bill Flemming
411 Main St
Woodstock NB E7M2B5
Quebec  April 2018 3x3x8 big square Hay Bale of timothy Leylo Farm
Michael Simard
446 Ch De Cookshire
Compton, Québec J0B1L0
Quebec August 2018 Nice timothy hay, not dusty, nice color for a load of approximately 680 bales. For a price delivery please give me your zip code. Also, wood shavings are available in 3.25 cubic foot plastic bags, direct from the mills. Heritage Export Plus
Steve Roy
970 Chapman
Ancienne Lorette, QB G2E5Y3

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