Extension Leadership Team Meeting Minutes August 19, 2020

Extension Leadership Team Meeting Minutes
August 19, 2020
Virtual Meeting (9 AM – 12:30 PM)

Facilitator: Richard Brzozowski
Note taker: Fran Sulinski

Please note: Due to the confidentiality and sensitivity of some agenda items, these ELT minutes do not represent the full content of each meeting.

Staffing our Offices during this Transitional Time

All Extension offices are open, and at a minimum are staffed with staff members present on a rotational basis. As has been communicated, if a staff member has a reason to continue to work remotely and falls into a high risk group, their supervisor is able approve continued remote work. If a person falls into a high risk but the supervisor is not readily able to approve continued remote work due to the fact that the staff member has a “front-facing” office based role, the staff member should submit this form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdz2lQxwbjC-7zWmWePzXmTw2LjH1IOXMxi8KmP7Wa0Vg5xGQ/viewform?pli=1 and will be in contact with EO/HR. Staff who have childcare responsibilities should also receive consideration and flexibility to the extent possible. In general, continued work from home is a transitional condition and not expected to continue post COVID-19.

Changes to the HOCs

The ELT discussed the need for a process for updating restart documents such as the HOCs, checklists, guidelines, etc.  All changes to HOC’s will be run by the chair of that functional area group, and copied to the relevant PA, and then shared with Hannah for approval before reposting.

Meeting with Provost Volin

In preparation for my meeting with Provost John Volin next week, I would like to discuss the following:  1)  Extension’s current critical priorities, 2) Impacts of budgets reductions (what needs are we not fulfilling?), and 3)  how the Provost can best advocate for Extension.  We will also discuss the “briefing” notebook that we’ll be putting together for him for this meeting.

The meeting will focus on articulating Extension’s mission and the degree to which we are able to fulfill that mission at this time. Within this context, Hannah will mention some areas where we have voids, such as : dairy, maple, agricultural staff in Aroostook and infrastructure (instructional design, video…). We also want to help him to understand the importance of our connections to the campus based mission including research and our relationships with academic departments on campus. Other areas include the budget process and potential negative impacts on Extension as well as our relationship to the counties and the State of Maine’s County  Extension Act.  

Face Coverings and Supplies

After further consideration of face shields, the UMS guidance is still requiring face masks and does not approve face shields at this time. More wipes and other supplies are expected soon and will be distributed promptly.

Reopening and Restarting – How it is Going?

Overall reopening is on target, with a few exceptions. We appreciate all of the work that staff has done to prepare for our re-entry and to transition back to our offices.

ELT Meetings Going Forward

The ELT will keep our Monday morning check-ins. The ELT will no longer plan to meet in check-ins on Thursdays after August.  The ELT will continue our half-day meetings approximately twice a month.

Search Updates

4-H Science Professional (PT) (Andro/Sag) – Interviewing
Administrative Specialist CL2 (PT) (Somerset) – Preparing to advertise
Assistant Financial and Operations Manager – Michael Bailey hired
NorthStar Program Coordinator – Bryant Pond 4-H Center – Preparing to advertise
Nutrition Education Professional – Adult Curriculum Coordinator (Somerset) – Advertising
Nutrition Education Professional – Youth Curriculum Coordinator (Andro/Sag) – Advertising
Parent Educational Professional (Knox/Lincoln) – Advertising
Sustainable Agriculture Professional – Somerset County – Interviewing
Research Associate – Highmoor Farm – Advertising

2020 ELT Meeting Dates

Meetings are from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm, unless otherwise noted

Dates Facilitator Notes Location
September 2 Sulinski Phelps Virtual
September 17 Phelps Carter Virtual
October 13 Carter Prichard Virtual
October 28 Prichard Harrington Virtual