Extension Leadership Team Meeting Minutes April 12, 2021

Extension Leadership Team Meeting Minutes
April 12, 2021
Virtual Meeting (8:30 AM – 11:30 AM)

Facilitator: Dennis Harrington
Note taker: Dick Brzozowski

Please note: Due to the confidentiality and sensitivity of some agenda items, these ELT minutes do not represent the full content of each meeting.


Dennis reported on two anticipated changes from UMS Procurement & Travel Office. Purchasing:

  • Amazon.com will be added as a MarketPlace vendor at some point next summer. It will be structured in a way that will allow for purchasing that falls within University purchasing guidelines – certain restricted items will not be seen (example: no alcohol). Amanda Miles will be a beta tester. Stay tuned.

Travel – Dennis emphasized that restrictions on in-state travel remain in place and that no out-of-state or international travel is currently allowed:

  • Airlines appear to be willing to honor tickets that were cancelled as a result of the pandemic. When out-of-state travel restrictions are lifted, please contact Dennis Harrington or Amanda Miles to see if there are any credits available.
  • New travel guidance is anticipated that will change travel reimbursements to more closely match Federal guidelines. This will include variable per diem rates based on the cost of living at the destination.


Tracking Engagement

UMaine is looking for ways to track corporate engagement and Extension is also looking at ways to increase its work with UMaine Development and manage engagement at all levels (volunteers, groups/organizations, corporate, etc.)

LGBTQ+ Guidance for UMaine Extension Staff and Volunteers

The DEI Group (of UMaine Extension) was given the opportunity to review and revise an LGBTQ+ guidance document that was originally developed for use within the 4-H program. The revised document was reviewed by the UMS Equal Opportunity office staff and will now go to Legal Counsel and UMaine Marketing & Communication for a final review before distribution to Extension staff and volunteers. Training and other support will also be discussed. The ELT thanks the DEI Group and special thanks to Dana Rickman who did a significant amount of work on revising the document.

Extension Office Hours & Summer Programs

As programs are picking up and summer program planning is happening more and more, program staff are having challenges with covering the office and performing their expected duties. It is likely these issues can be addressed and handled on a county-by-county basis.  Staff who are unable to return due to medical conditions can still request an accommodation.

Current restriction on indoor programs was through April 1st

The restriction on indoor programs by UMaine Extension has been extended until Monday, May 3, 2021. We hope to know more regarding indoor programming as that date draws nearer.

Yellow Covid Alert Box Remaining on Our Website Notes For Now

The ELT received a request to consider the removal of the yellow covid alert box from our websites. Because we’re still programming under a global pandemic, the large yellow highlighted alert box with messages should remain on all of our websites.


Dennis updated the ELT on progress with implementing SalesForce as Cooperative Extension’s unified CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool. The SF implementation team has been engaged in interviews with consulting firms who will guide us through the implementation phase. Two interviews have been completed so far and both have been very impressive. More interviews are scheduled in the coming weeks.

Search Updates

 4-H Youth Development Professional – Somerset – Preparing for HireTouch
Assistant Extension Professor and Fish Nutrition Specialist – Reviewing Applicants
Assistant Extension Professor/Dairy Specialist – Advertising
Climate Services Specialist/Assistant Extension Professor – Negotiation Stage
Community Education Assistant CL2 – Horticulture Coordinator (Part-time) York  –
Pending Acceptance
Extension Agricultural Engineer Professional – Advertising
Instructional Designer – Pending Acceptance
Program Coordinator – Bryant Pond – Offer Stage
Statewide Small Business Educator & Assistant Extension Professor – Preparing for HireTouch

2021 ELT Meeting Dates

Meetings are from 8:30 am to 11:30 am via Zoom – unless otherwise noted

Dates Facilitator Notes Location
May 4 Brzozowski Sulinski Virtual
May 28 Sulinski Phelps Virtual